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Everyone is getting :cannabis_leaf: in their stocking this year, even my mother in law 😃


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my sister-in-law wanted to make a toy for her 2 year old nephew who likes turning on and off light switches so I helped her learn to solder and we put together this box with 5 different switches and a bunch of different LEDs mounted on it.

the switches all interact in different ways, and some of the LEDs are RGB so you can play with it for several minutes before you figure out how everything works together.

I think the kid is going to love it.


@octet33 is definately not a slur. Am I insulted when called a boomer and only 35? Yes. But that is very different.

@mdszy I would just send an email. I found my official and regional data was fair game for anything that wasn't for sale. I made a GPS map for our Island out of it and distributed that with no trouble.

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anyone know if US-state provided (specifically, Wisconsin) mapping data is fair game for using to edit OSM maps?

@xorowl oh that part is super easy, it's the docs for wiregaurd. I just want something like: to create a cloud bastion fiwht wiregaurd, follow these steps and your done.

I wish I knew more devops junk, I was going to setup gitea on a home server and use wiregaurd to cross into the public internet and use a domain but.. it's a bit much for me

Any recommendations for open source like fresh books? It can be a desktop app, no need for web and mobile. But invoicing and some way of accepting payments would be nice.

I guess the nice invoice/payment/tracking would require a web app though

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people who know Qucs: how can I calculate RMS or arithmetic average of values in a transient simulation? If I try to do avg() of a time-dependent value, I get nan.

Maybe transient sim is not the best way to do this. I'm trying to get the power factor.

I want to simulate active PFC later on, I just need to get a grasp on the tools first.

Qucs is pretty good by the way, except for its documentation. That is worse than of LTspice, which is not a small feat.

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seems both weird and appropriate that in the united states gender reveal parties have caused more fatalities with homemade improvised weapons than the antifa movement.

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petition to have gender reveal parties be classified as a terrorist organization

@bclindner @mdszy same, it's great and there is a nice paid one to support them if you like

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