tfw you get an invoice for a vps you forgot you had.. it was billed annually

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Are you even a rock star programmer if you don't use VIM from a keytar

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Looks like the videos from #APConf are up now! Check them out on Peertube: @apconf

Included is my talk (@matt) about how we're building #WriteFreely and our other #ActivityPub projects.

"Federated Blogging with WriteFreely"


I miss mine, I had it all and tossed it when I was younger and dumber. 😭

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@sir all software documentation would be improved if developers actually wrote documentation

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The #WriteFreely command-line interface is ready to go, but needs WriteFreely v0.11. So working on wrapping up that release, too

just sitting at my desk, eating a jar of candy

@fakefred @mdszy

snap makes me want to go back to arch, I just need like a week off

Cool I've never seen that one. I just found deoplete and with deoplete-go it works so nice.

well I've been under a rock, vim has actual real time auto complete.. later electron

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I just want make to error if less isn't installed.. why is it so hard? 😔

today I hung a whiteboard, I think it's even level?

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