I bought a used PS3, looks like the console is banned. What should I do with it?

@octet33 sounds fun, it might even be my account. But it's new as of yesterday so no idea what I 'did'

@octet33 I had hoped but I don't see anything yet. I might try support tomorrow. Their support docs say they won't discuss or revert account bans though. I was thinking of getting a new console later this year but at this rate maybe not a PlayStation

@robjloranger Yeah, with the exception of the Switch, consoles are needlessly locked-down PC's. The latest generation even uses the PC's horrible CPU instruction set!

@octet33 I thought about a steam machine as well but that's not much better. And I like the switch but it lacks a few games, like fallout. This all started because I wanted to try fallout 4

@robjloranger Ah. Yeah, that sucks. I know the feel of being platform-locked off a game - my only platforms are Switch and Linux!

@octet33 @robjloranger same here for current gen. Laptop doesn't count, it can't game.


What's the exact model? (CECH-xxxx), and is it jailbroken?

There are some shady places that sell unbanned console IDs, though I cannot recommend any as I have no experience with any.

@admicos 4201a but I don't know if it's jailbroken.

After reading Sony's terms though I feel like x box might be a better choice, for a new console in the future I mean


That's a super slim, yes?

If so, you cannot jailbreak it even if you wanted to.

There are some stuff like PS3HEN which can make it run backups, but I don't think it can run "proper" homebrew or Linux on it.

@admicos support was no help, their suggestion was to just create a new account. And they couldn't tell me the reason due to privacy issues. 🤔 I'm buying an Xbox next I guess, at least their account bans are usually temporary.

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