What is a good browser to use on android?

Brave sounds good, but not.
Chrome... Is, well.. G.


I tried but it seems broken, hardly works at all.


I lied, I'm sorry. I was thinking of the default browser. 😞

Duckduck works pretty good, I forget why I started looking for another one.

@robjloranger @switchingsocial its pretty simple, no extra fuzz which I like. More advanced stuff usually have their own app anyway.

The fact that it solved the viewport resize problem on scrolling away from the navbar makes it a win for me. That and I like the disposable browser history. One click and it all gets purged.

For those of us who don't want to be logged into everything all the time it's great.



I use Fennec (Firefox without proprietary blobs, in f-droid) and I like it.

The fact that Firefox allows addons makes any chrome based mobile browser a waste of time.

@robjloranger @switchingsocial I'm using #Firefox Klar, as it is the most private option I know. When I found the information I was looking for, I just press the little Trash icon and my browsing session gets deleted.

Sometimes I also use the "Privacy Browser" on @fdroidorg ( Many useful features, and frequent updates (~ weekly). And no content warnings on fdroid!

@robjloranger @switchingsocial Firefox works well enough and even allows adblocking addons, eg. uBlock origin.

@robjloranger @SoRedTheRose I use Firefox on Android, myself; it works fine on semi-modern devices. Note though that Firefox Focus uses the system WebView underneath, whereas Firefox proper uses its own engine. I've had occasions for both; in particular, I find Firefox Focus better as a system default due to the implicit clear-everything, and Firefox proper better for explicit invocation. But it's an important distinction if you're trying to get away from the Google-based engine dependency.

@dasyatidprime @robjloranger 👍 I too use both, and Focus is my default go-to esp. for 'quick anythings'.

I use FOSS Browser for my bookmarks, Fennec for general stuff and downloads, and Firefox Klar set as my "hold home button assistant/search" app.

@robjloranger I use Firefox and Opera Mini. Not much of a difference in UX, except that Firefox is a bit more reliable.

I use Privacy Browser on F-Droid. Successfully replaced Firefox 👍

@robjloranger I've found blink messes up some webpages on mobile (completely fails to understand 'width' properly so it fubars my website). Firefox's engine displays it fine as any remotely good browser should. I'd go with that or a Firefox-based browser.

Firefox+Noscript is the best solution in my opinion. If having problems with some website, and you don't want to deal with script's permissions (a bit uncomfortable on mobile devices), I'd suggest DuckDuckGo Browser or Privacy Browser. Firefox Klar (Focus) was a bit hungry for battery, last time I tested it.

@robjloranger @switchingsocial Firefox.Everything else is based on Chromium shit which is not only bad for your privacy but especially on phones extremely bad for the performance when you used it for a while and there is much app data.Firefox may not be perfect but it's the best option available.

@robjloranger @switchingsocial GNU IceCat, compatible with some important Firefox addons. You could install it from F-Droid.

@robjloranger @switchingsocial i believe that Brave should be a top recommendation. The in-built adblocker is smth you can convince people (average users) to abandon Chrome. Firefox is sometimes too slow :( and seems buggy if I use it as the default web browser.

@robjloranger @switchingsocial Kiwi Browser is great until the new Firefox Fenix (currently published as "Firefox Preview") gets more features. Kiwi also supports plugins, so you can install uBlock Origin.
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