asking for help, housing, please boost 

Hi, firstly we're an ADHD disabled white trans plural system in Baltimore county MD. We have a cat and are stuck under our abusive parents.

We need someone to take us in because we can't really get out any other way, we can't drive or work. Living here has been extremely detrimental to our mental health, and we really needed out a long time ago.
It's rough rn but if you can have us please, heck even if you need another person to drive us there.

Currently waiting for a plastic bottle full of dry ice to explode

Some bitter, hateful old Trump supporter sent us this photo of one of our stickers, staying he had destroyed the sticker because—in short—he is in favor of mass deportations and similar fascistic measures.

It’d be poetic justice if this photo he sent ends up seen by more people here on the internet than the original sticker would have been had he left it up where it was! Please share this post around to that purpose.

You can get copies of this sticker here for cheap:

Using my own #gemini browser, which can render markdown natively and is also able to transfer files it knows over HTTP, to read the @mntmn Reform handbook.

Cool project from Wakoma: the Nimble - a rapidly deployable, wireless mesh network. Tons of stuff, and completely offline:

The web wasn't lost by people posting baby pictures to Facebook. The web was lost when Google leveraged market dominance to enact a complete abrogation of web standards -- since the HTML 'standard' is now a 'Living Document,' the standard is "do whatever Chrome does," which is an unattainable goal.

There are four voting members of WHATWG. Two of them use Google's web rendering engine. A third is entirely financially dependent on Google. The other one is Apple. Who speaks for you? Nobody.

**On the ballot in Washington State!**

**Gloria La Riva For President!**

*Our 10-Point Program:*
1. Make human needs guaranteed rights.
2. Combat the climate crisis.
3. End racism and police brutality.
4. Full rights for immigrants.
5. Shut down all US Military Bases.
6. Honor Native Treaties - Free Leonard Peltier!
7. Full LGBTQ Rights.
8. Women's Equality.
9. Defend our unions.
10. Seize the wealth! Jail Wall Street Criminals.

#PSL #communism #uspol #LaRiva2020

If Quakers in the 1800's could use they/them for the Public Universal Friend, even in private diaries, then cis people nowadays can get my pronouns right.

Hey folks, my cousin's wife collapsed this week and unfortunately passed away. Would appreciate any donations, and boosts welcome either way.

Take a look at the Neofeud Short Story Collection!

"Neofeud" is a dystopic sci-fi adventure game. This series of short stories were written by Christian Miller (@silverspookgames), creator of Neofeud, and are set within the world of the game.

On sale now, and available in ePub, RTF and Docx formats.

#ebooks #drmfree #cyberpunk

does owning stock (in a company) make you bourgeois? :BoostOK:

"The works of William Gibson, games like Deus Ex were the building blocks that create the world of Neofeud... A dystopian cyberpunk adventure that needs to be experienced." --Hyper Light Up #indiedev #indiegame #indiegamedev #top100 #indiegames #cyberpunk

Here’s my new Plaid #MechanicalKeyboard. Pretty happy with it, though I miss my Levinson’s split layout. Keycaps are temporary, but fit well enough.

Compared to my previous blinkfest, it has only two LEDs, and I can’t figure out how to change their color. I also need to tweak the layout, since I’m using my old split keymap, some combos don’t make sense anymore. And maybe a 2U spacebar would be better. We’ll see if I find the energy to desolder two switches and replace them with a single one...

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