In your opinion, how secure does a WiFi network password need to be?

Has anyone at YouTube ever noticed that their 'algorithm' somehow always promotes Nazis and pedophiles? Is it intentional malignancy or incompetence?

Bike is clean and lubed, nothing better than silent and shiny

Confirmed: Crappy car is crappy.

«#Tesla owners reported more problems in their first 90 days of ownership than the other 31 U.S. auto brands included in the study.»

People who hate on a group who aren’t hurting anyone will always be weirder than the group they’re hating on.

@dankwraith So programming is like jazz, then

It's about the programs you DON'T write

Hey poly friends, a friend of mine is considering entering a poly relationship for the first time and nobody involved has done poly before. I'm an outsider who knows completely zero about this but I figured Mastodon would know where to find the good reading material. Where should I look to point them to best practices, ideas for setting ground rules and boundaries, etc.? :boost_rainbow:

turns out if you have an FM transmitter that sends a signal from your phone to your radio, and you set it to 106.7 FM (i guess it's close enough as a 4x harmonic to the 433Mhz tire sensors broadcast on??? somehow??????)

your music fuckin interferes with tires' signal and your car thinks it doesn't have any tires on it and gives you a TPMS dashboard error

if you change the FM transmitter to like 100.1 or something you're good to go

i hate technology

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Someone please buy me this so I can ride around with my dog on my bike like a giant loser

This bill has at least five major, and dangerous, flaws. To start: the bill will force social media and messaging companies to collect legal identification of all users. [2/6]

Why Windows is a horrible mess, in a couple figures:
- 5.7 million source code files (not lines, files)
- 3600 developers, who submit
- 1100 pull requests a day, on
- 440 official branches

Source: BlueHat IL 2020 - David Weston - Keeping Windows Secure

"Wear a Mask: we appeal to your civil patriotism with us in our effort to Stamp Out the Spanish Influenza in Portland By Wearing A Mask," the Sunday Oregonian, January 12, 1919

trans woman asking for help 

hi guys.

i'm asking for some help to buy some food. even if it's just a pizza. I know I've got some people watching this and they'll mock it. but i do seriously need help. my lunch today was a 1/2 gallon of water.

please? if you can help?

don't make me tap the sign (the sign says "racism is only about 400 years old, was purposefully invented by major figures in the Enlightenment as part of their self-serving justification of power, and is not a primordial part of human nature that exists in all societies throughout space and time")

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