How do people create platform-agnostic mixtapes these days?


moving from mailinabox to something else, what would you recommend ?

Ease of use and setup...

Citadel was one of the things to review ?

Only *must* is arm support...

now hiring developers, austin, baltimore, boost+ 


I'm all for calling out Google AMP, but, #Google #AMP is only possible because everyone is so dependent on Google, including #TheRegister. Google knows this because their #googlefonts are everywhere and their analytics are close behind and The Register is not exception, they also #DoubleClick.

The Register needs to start reading itself.

How every Linux user thinks 

Here’s the thing about #Coronavirus, kids. It’s got a mortality of less than half of SARS. Not great, but it’s basically like pneumonia, and aims for people who are susceptible to that. Perspective is your friend. Even if it goes full pandemic, by far most of you will be fine.

For reasons, if I get the coronavirus, I’d probably be toast. So if I’m not freaking out about Wuhan coronavirus, maybe the stock market and asinine media should take a chill pill, too. 💁🏽‍♀️


wow FOSS is so great, all this software given away freely*** that I can fork** and then implement features**** to serve my bespoke needs**

surely, nobody would get angry at that?**

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I wonder how many people are using my Disco Dingo artwork as a desktop wallpaper. Please boost and send a screenshot :).

Happy #MastoMonday remember to disengage from social media when it gets to be too much

@cj I wanted to chat about go-fed and if/how I can start to help.

I am particularly interested in working toward forgefed + gitea/gogs. I wasn't sure if opening an issue on a repo was an apropriate place to start.

sour cream on tacos?

Znc is now properly setup, modules and all. Now if I could just get all my friends on there

turns out yesterday was the sixth anniversary of me completing my first Atreus keyboard build.

at the time it was just a personal experiment for my own use; I had no idea that in the coming years I would personally hand-construct over a hundred boards and sell over a thousand kits to other intrepid hackers.

looking for work, please boost 

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