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realized the other day that i've never seen a raspberry, because i would definitely remember seeing a neon cyan berry

this is bunk. c# may be a great language now (i have no idea) but at the time, it was well understood to be a clone response to the threat of java to microsoft


NOT a spoiler: it always drives me nuts when the GoT characters take off their helmets so the camera can see who they are... bro! there are sharp objects hurtling all around you!!!

cool I've never received a single lone congratulation before

Mid-Market eight years later • How has SF's tax incentives for Twitter, etc changed the mid-Market neighborhood? #linkblog #twittertaxessanfranciscosfmarkettootme

Der abend ist noch Jung!
Und jünger wirst du in diesem Leben nicht!
Der letzte Bus ist eh schon weg,
der nächste kommt bei Tageslicht!


wow, someone on the Ruby team took a *much too strong* hit from the perl hookah and decided that overloading the unary `+` operator was probably the most intuitive way to represent "duplicate a string"... does unary `!` perform a utf8 to byte array conversion?

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Crazy idea: carbon capture systems need to move a lot of air around. Air conditioning and heating systems already move a lot of air around. Put carbon capture in the HVAC loop!

> "Google Nest Hello" (this one is a doorbell)

omg how hard would it be for google to hire one alive human person who could help them with human words

so we're over a decade into the systemd world, and people are still uncovering rotten roots like this

subject: "Introducing Google Nest"

... you dorks. you already bought and destroyed a product called Nest!

reminder that partway through star trek: the next generation, data's head ages by 500 years due to a time travel thing and then nobody mentions it again the rest of the show. he's just got an old head

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