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Apple claims that AirPods are building a “wireless future.” Many people think they're a symbol of disposable wealth. The truth is bleaker.

capitalist waste 

cool hack: remote exploit on fax machines (in "all-in-1" printers) by calling them up and sending an evil fax

MOZILLA: Let's Encrypt certs expire every 3 months, hope you remember to renew them on time or get autorenewal working, fucker
ALSO MOZILLA: wait we needed to renew our addon signing cert?? nobody told us

Hey y'all!

Everyone's talking about #Purism and #Librem and what they did wrong. I'm so glad there are people who recognize that highlighting issues like this is worth the effort.

I'd like to talk about how they could've avoided this in the first place, while still developing the same product.

the only coffee in heathrow is starbucks so I tried it and omg I think I'd rather just lay on the floor and die

it is the year 2019 and if you are still using the term "crypto" to mean "MLM scheme" I swear to kate bush that I will find and haunt you to the end of days (22 years)

nemu: a cloud hypervisor

looks like a fork of qemu that only supports kvm, x86-64, and arm64

so I wasn't *totally* wrong about virtualization, just too optimistic about how long it would take :)

"your experience with irc is incorrect because you didn't set up a bunch of cloud infrastructure, like i did, to compensate for its many flaws"

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