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The World (tarot card)

This illustration is my contribution to the 78 Tarot Magical deck, the Kickstarter for which just went live and is already almost funded -- check it out if you love tarot:

I'm very excited to be part of this project with this card illustration <3


> The party, which is centrist, has no specific policies yet. It will say at its Thursday launch: "How will we solve the big issues facing America? Not Left. Not Right. Forward."

... this has to be an onion article, right?

obligatory "twirling toward freedom":

That was fast! The keycaps I ordered from wasdkeyboards arrived today and now my ZX81+38 has a complete keyboard with the full set of ZX81 glyphs, keywords, and symbols.

#zx81 #zx81plus38 #hardware #projects #keycaps

The part of John Wick where he turns to the camera mid-fight and says "It's Wickin' time" then decapitates a man with a scented candle

@rysiek "this UEFI implant seems to have been used in the wild since the end of 2016 -- long before UEFI attacks started being publicly described", uhm hello I'm right here.

Just heard Carbon described as "grievance based language design" and I can't stop laughing.

Basically, the ISO C++ standards group wouldn't give Google everything they asked for, so they made their own C++ with black and hookers and ya know what, forget the dynamic linking.

i will boost any columbo content that crosses my feed. this is my promise to you

in this episode of Columbo, an autogynephilic woman murders a sex pervert. Columbo plays the tuba.

Roadside sign tryna be funny: "Has anyone tried unplugging the United States and plugging it in again?"

Me: .... why on the lorde's green earth would you plug it in again

What I really want to see is a model where the local software is like a VR web browser, only it loads virtual spaces instead of websites - and the virtual spaces live on servers in the form of a plaintext something-or-other on par with HTML - or at least some kind of easily-modifiable open format - so that anyone can make their own VR spaces that are browser-agnostic.

Maybe somebody out there is already working on this?

The hard part is, how the heck do you handle multiple people interacting in the same space? The actual Web wasn't really built for that sort of thing and doesn't have a good general solution to copy...

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i was today years old when i learned that spreadsheet language...


... is considered to be a form of BASIC! "visual basic for apps"!

it's so different to me as to be unrecognizable

NOOOO david warner you were supposed to live forever :(

i ❤️ that he shows up in so many random movies, good and bad, from various eras

in my heart he will always be the pee-flinging wizard from QUEST OF THE DELTA KNIGHTS

close second: playing a laser-obsessed satan in TIME BANDITS

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