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Musicians of the fediverse, you still got over 1 week (until May 17th) to write, record and enter your song to the #fedivision Song Contest! Read up on this year's rules on and join the fun!
#eurovision #Fedivision2022 #music

Optimist: The glass is ½ full.
Pessimist: The glass is ½ empty.
Excel: The glass is January 2nd.

google wants to start charging to do email forwarding for custom domains... i decided to sign up (for now) but the process was so broken, it kept "failing" to charge my paypal. i finally just edited the html to remove the disabled attribute on the "confirm" button and everything went thru.

not exactly a confidence-inspiring first impression

Abortion info 

Now seems like a good time to remind all my uterine pals that there are drugs which you can get in advance that will allow you to safely manage an abortion at home basically undetectably up through nine weeks, and with some risks for detection up through twenty weeks.
A solid overview:
Also if you are using software to track your periods, now might be a great time to switch to a pen and paper method, or consider just lying to Apple health, that’s fine too.

If you're into #Crypto or #NFTs remember that Bored Mastodon Club is still available. All you need to do is DM me all of the information needed for me to access and transfer funds from your wallet and I'll get you hooked up with your own HYPEREXCLUSIVE Bored Mastodon

Airship Pirate ✨ This illustration is a tarot card, "The World" for the Magical tarot project, which will eventually published by 78 Tarot.

Medium: Photoshop & Wacom Intuos, as always

my darmak is “obama in his giant chair, beseeching the audience”

we bailed on star trek discovery after season 1: it had a promising start but seemed to turn into calvinball. all the charm washed away and it became another jj abrahms "muppet baby star trek"

we bailed on picard after season 1: the characters were great but the plot seemed to have been written by a distracted chipmunk. it made no sense and violated so much of what was left of star trek's coherency

so far i really enjoyed the pilot of the new new new star trek but i'm ready to be disappointed

Translating from French:

In this picture of the Moscow patriarch published by his office, the gold watch on his wrist has disappeared, but you can still see its reflection on the table.

Means of production becoming concentrated with a handful of companies means that they can be seized by simply nationalizing these companies. The more capital is concentrated the less controversial the idea of nationalization becomes.

80s musicians: the modulation wheel is a cute fad but it would get old if you used it in every song

com truise: hold my piña colada

i *highly* recommend you not use sales trigger phrases like "north star" in an article where you're trying to convince technical people to try a new technology

Fuck. Google is killing it's google apps free tier.

Fucking hell.

Thousands of nerds who host their family member's email on free-tier gmail suddenly cried out at once.

Well, fuckit... Time to drop google anyway.

The JIRA rich text editor can eat an entire bag of dicks.

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