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it's always a bad to use national flags to indicate language, but i'm tickled that in this case they used the usa flag for english, the mexican flag for spanish, and...

the flag of SOUTH VIETNAM, a country which hasn't existed for nearly 50 years, for vietnamese!

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Welcome to all the Twitter refugees! 👋

Mastodon and the Fediverse does NOT use NFTs or blockchain or cryptocurrencies. No one is on here trying to get rich, no one is promoting anything.

The Fediverse (which Mastodon is part of) is a federated computer network spread across thousands of independently owned and operated servers. The millions of people on the Fedi can interact with each other regardless of which server they signed up on, because the servers talk to each other through federation.

Federation is a proven and stable way to make a network, it's how telephones and email work for example. It's how social networks should be.

We aren't trying to break anything or compete with anyone. There are no shareholders or venture capitalists. Instead, we work together, donating time or money, and collaborate to make a better social network for its own sake.

Here are some hints and tips for new users:

#Fediverse #Mastodon #FediTips #MastoTips #Introduction

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"We can't return to normal, because the normal we had was precisely the problem."

i dont understand how flatpaks could ever work

poor nextcloud hasn't been able to start itself on login, because it set a startup config that assumed it was installed into a normal folder. i but tons of apps have no idea they're being run inside flatpak environments

shoulda went with my gut on guess 3

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Thinking of creating a mini-campaign about internet ads named "My computer, not your billboard". :blobcatthink:

ok that was a mean one

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i don't understand brew. it builds the universe from source (why? are we gentoo?), and the things it builds make no sense... python 3.10, then cmake, then ninja, then python 3.9 ?!?!

all of this so i can have a fancy shell prompt, i feel like a simple invocation of cargo would suffice

i totally forgot about mojang. three companies full of shitbags!

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microsoft bought github, then they bought activision.

it smells like an explicit policy to buy companies full of shitbags, once the shitbaggery has gone public and they can be purchased at a discount 🤔 :thonk:

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