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i'm used to EC2, where if an instance crashes, it just reboots

on gcloud, every once in a while an instance will just "lock up"... unresponsive, not rebooted, just humming to itself with no network

google must have some extra mechanism for rebooting frozen instances that amazon just builds in
imagine how stuck up you have to be to revolutionize material science and then bring the composition of your incredibly heat-resistent compound to the grave

Gazing in awe at the 1,000 different options in the AWS Console, and I have to wonder if I'm just looking at Amazon's org chart

Russia's orbit pollution • Demonstration of satellite dropped a whole lot of new debris right in useful LEO orbits where Starlink, etc operate #linkblog #starlinkorbitdebrisrussiasatellitesspacetootme

a thing kids won't remember is that cell phones used to be able to carry a voice conversation pretty well, if you ever needed to make one. you could usually be heard and understood on the other end!

beautiful "who's on first" skit from fox news 

I think my favorite part is that this anonymous bland fox woman thinks she's famous... "me?!?!"

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My name is Stuka
I'm a German dive bomber
Yeah your Allies
fought me before
If you hear something late at night
A high-pitched droning, descending flight
Just don't ask me what it was
Just don't ask me what it was
Just don't ask me
what it was

Turn Your Raspberry Pi 4 Into a Portable Tablet with the RasPad 3 for $219 (includes 10.1" touch screen, accelerometer and 5 hour battery)

We can stop searching for the meaning of life, I just found it in the description of this Amazon product 😂

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