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People making jokes about the Facebook services going down make me sick. Anyone who was using an Oculus headset at the time is currently trapped in VR, and if they die there then they die in real life.


lol who the hell uses instagram "DM" to do business

it *is* really funny that facebook knocked itself out for a day, but anyone who was still on that hellhole in 2021 is probably actually physically addicted, so it might be good to stay alert and wary of boomers acting out, or getting even more unruly than normal, for the next week or so

py jingo! computing a blake3 hash seems to be 5x faster than sha-256 on my laptop... so much faster, that i'm going to make it the default, and not worry about making an alternate format that doesn't do the block scan: 12 seconds to scan and archive 2.7GB is plenty fast!

I was messing about with "lite", a text editor written in about 1000 lines of C and 4000 lines of Lua: I ran my antifennel compiler over it to turn all the Lua into #fennel code to see how it would run. I ended up finding a couple bugs in antifennel, but once I fixed them it ran pretty smoothly with minimal need for changes!

I present: fite

why not? he's been wrong about many, many other things

(i really hate hero worship)

i wonder if one of the io_uring authors appreciates being called, in this tutorial, "[name] from Facebook"

(name redacted to avoid public shaming)

the new joywave EP is everything i wanted but didn't get from the last couple of albums ❤️

lobsters is this weird mix of articles like "new research on reference counting garbage collectors" and "how to use 'ls'" (31 votes)

this lobsters post has 3 upvotes and 5 comments, it's the first time i remember seeing a post get ratio'd!

help what is happening please for the love of kate bush do not use TWO DIFFERENT X HEIGHTS IN THE SAME WORD

i dunno why that bothers me so much, but there doesn't seem to be any body language that conveys to a delivery person "i do not want to touch your phone"

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i dont want to touch your phone challenge 2021

if apple is going to call them "airpods pro" then im going to call them "ipods shuffle" and nobody can stop me

just completely fucking dumbfounded by this robot amazon announced recently. $999 for this thing. it's just a goddamn alexa on wheels and a shitton of cameras. it can't handle stairs. the advertising has it patrolling your house for intruders (you know like a fucking set of security cameras can already do if you're that paranoid). amazon is not even trying to hide their intentions with this thing. i have never seen something more worthy of a platinum internet of shit medal. jesus christ

I quit linguistics, as peak linguistics has been achieved. There's no point to pursue this science any further.

"Intel's $20 billion in new fabs won't end chip shortage"

wow who could've thunk that building factories which takes years won't have a problem solved in a few months. who could've thunk. literally nobody could have ever anticipated this

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