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republicans: and with this new bill, you are designated a class c human, and your organs can be harvested without your consent if a rich person nearby needs them

democrats: *send you an email* "you won't believe what republicans have done now! pwease donate $25!"

My mom was a photographer, and I've been going through her old photos now that I own the rights to them to release them into the public domain.

So, enjoy this photo she took of LeVar Burton.

you are in detached head state. you can look around.

Here’s a hot take that will send any capitalist instantly into paroxysms of fury:

It is not the purpose of the state or the people to ensure the profitability or even the existence of any particular business or industry.

steam: "we'd like to do a hardware survey to make sure we support linux well!"

me: .... okay

steam: "you have a core i7 but because it's a linux laptop, it probably doesn't support AVX2"

[joke explanation: AVX2 is a vector math extension that intel added in 2013 so yes every fucking core i7 purchased in 2021 has it, but steam's detector is so windows-biased that it's useless]

my carbon footprint is "oil company executives heads are still attached to their necks"

drunkenly excitedly educating the bf about the underrated genius of peter gabriel 3 (rip)

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Here’s why we use h, j, k, l as motion keys in vi and vim: Bill Joy used an ADM-3A terminal, which (besides a 80x24 screen) had a keyboard that looked like this:

This is also where the “~” shortcut for “$HOME” comes from.

... like, it's not just that 1999 was a "more innocent time", but that it's almost the last year that, diegetically, the Matrix could have been set

it's supposed to be an environment where people just live out their lives without change, isn't it? when was the last time that, culturally, it felt like things could have kept on keeping on, with a baseline of stasis

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Can I just gloat for a minute?

One of my teams has a quarterly "Yak Shaving Day" (or week) which is cool but the coolest part is the graphic they have for this edition:


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As a…
– Google Image Search user
I want to…
– be redirected to Pinterest
so that…
– I can use the modal overlay to create an account, to access the link to the Reddit post which has the Imgur link to the image I was looking for

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