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As a…
– Google Image Search user
I want to…
– be redirected to Pinterest
so that…
– I can use the modal overlay to create an account, to access the link to the Reddit post which has the Imgur link to the image I was looking for

for the last two days, i've been struggling with how to make these stream wrappers in rust, using Box<dyn> (dynamic types), and nothing was working

on a walk, i realized i should just use Enum (a sum type), and it was 1/3 the code and worked immediately

the docker icon looks like the twitter fail whale is moonlighting as a container ship

doesn’t inspire confidence

one of my favorite etymology facts is that garlic comes from “(g)war-leek” — the (g)war prefix from warden & guard — so it just means "spear leek"

i'm going to be laughing all day about the ZFS story that culminated in "it was a simple bug, with a simple patch, from years ago, but a cool story"

a reply points out that the patch was never merged, just collected dust until a bot closed it as "stale" and everyone assumed it was done

real mozilla vibes there 😂

good summary of the problem with the cryptocurrency scams: "No, your cryptocurrency cannot work"

How Informative were Early SARS-CoV-2 Treatment and Prevention Trials? A longitudinal cohort analysis of trials registered on

> Less than one third of COVID-19 trials registered on met criteria for informativeness. Shortcomings in trial design, recruitment feasibility and redundancy reflect longstanding weaknesses in the clinical research enterprise that were likely amplified by the exceptional circumstances of a pandemic.


the bigger learning curve for me has been "hardcore linux" since i got used to "cushy linux" (ubuntu, system76, gnome)

sway is an excellent choice for a small laptop and i've fallen in love with it. yesterday i found out that the status/app bar is just a tile rendered from HTML/CSS views and now i'm in love with that too

linux wifi is still a mess: multiple services were trying to "manage" my wifi, disconnecting it every few minutes until i figured out which thing to erase. but that's all part of the show

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yesterday i used the MNT reform all day long, and it was a lot of fun... read articles, hacked on my rust project, chatted...

i'm surprised how much stuff has been ported to arm64! telegram, vscode, nextcloud all worked with minimal fuss.

wayland was the cause of more problems than arm64, and mostly that just meant finding the shims to install (whatever "qt5wayland" is, why doesn't wayland install that itself? whatever)

battery lasted several hours even while rust was frequently consuming ALL cores

The door to the skeleton-planning department is thrown open. Clouds of smoke roll into the hallway. An intern staggers out, clothes torn, hair in disarray, eyes wild, a piece of paper clutched in their trembling hand. The bloody scrawl of a note reads: "Pumpkin skeleton."

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i won't pretend that compiling rust stuff on arm64 is fast, or even ok, but it sure is interesting!

(also, how is it possible that the "cargo add" command needs over 200 modules and takes 10 minutes to build? isn't it just inserting a line into a toml file?)

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