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a side effect of the freenode implosion is that a large number of people may have given up on IRC completely... the libera numbers may never reach old levels.

this seems to happen in every dying community: each new catastrophe reminds people that they're "in" this community by default/inertia, and that's enough to motivate some of them into leaving

oh man i completely missed this

git repo is offline, too

what the fuck is going on this year

Western idea of freedom is reductionist to the point of being meaningless. Freedom is the amount of agency a person has within society. People who spend majority of their lives toiling just to meet their basic needs are hardly free in any meaningful sense.

This 1983 intro to computers book for young children has as much detail in a few colorful pages as a college hardware architecture class.

All life on Earth is built on a foundation of DNA’s four nucleotide bases — but it looks like some viruses use a fifth one instead. @jordanacep reports on the finding and the thought-provoking questions it raises about the basics of biochemistry:

it's important to know how to interpret the understated language of engineers.

if an eng says "this doesn't sound like a bug we'd want on the front page of the NYT..."

what they mean is "we must fix this immediately. this is not a request."

it always makes me sad when that kind of quote ends up in legal discovery later. it means nobody listened.

Just published Google lawsuit evidence indicates that like always retained users' location data, even if disabled in user interface, to the extent that its own employees flashed LineageOS on their phones to avoid tracking. Full thread on

#privacy #google

while everyone is asleep:

i genuinely enjoyed paddington 2.

i'm not sure it really is "better than citizen kane" but it was... a good movie

whenever i finish a picross, i shout "and that's numberwang!"

just found out someone reused the "snowflake" project name for some kind of cloud storage service... *adds this to my list of reused project names*

elm, ammonite, kestrel, neon, magma, starling, haplo, ... snowflake

The Biden administration teased a sweeping antimonopoly executive order last week, including a Right to Repair provision aimed at agricultural equipment - a direct assault on the corporate power of repair archnemesis John Deere. It

But it turns out that the executive order goes far beyond tractors and other agricultural equipment - it also applies to consumer electronics, including mobile phones, and this is a *huge fucking deal*.


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