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Michael Collins OG anti-selfie

The pilot of the Apollo 11 command module took this photograph capturing every living person except him in 1969.

#MichaelCollins #Apollo11 #AntiSelfie

i dont think this would be news to anyone here but:

if house prices and rent increase at an absurd rate, then you *already have* high inflation, measured by how much less "basic shelter" a citizen can afford per dollar.

you would think this would be common sense, but i see headlines about the US gov hand-wringing over "what if inflation comes back?"

buddy, you have massive inflation already, you just haven't been looking in the right place.

lobsters comment on the design of the simula compiler (1960s) which mansplains how they could have done it better if they'd known to use the c++ stl and i think i'm done with the internet for the day

uspol sotu 


- drumbeat theme: congress must do its job and if it won't, i'll bypass you
- he called it the forever war! i didn't think east-coasters knew this term
- "mister rogers in chief" is a good act, it plays well, it really works for him
- overall very impressed, A+

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uspol sotu 

random thoughts after watching biden's first sotu (1/2)

- 1000 uses of "look!" (i hate this verbal tic), but only one "folx!" that i noticed
- lots of rust belt "it's about jorbs! buy american! wind turbines can be built in pittsburgh!"
- he used the extremely retro boomer term "blue collar"
- "unions built the middle class!" WHOA this may be the first pro-union presidential utterance since CARTER
- "it's within our power to end cancer" oh dear oh dear oh dear

this particular excerpt from the week-long battle between UML fanboys and agile fanboys hits closest to my feelings on what actually happened

today I learned that the Philips CD-i consoles have a clock battery which is permanently formed into the clock chip, meaning you have to *break open the chip enclosure* to replace it 😨

it's comforting to know that despite owning half of a house, i'm still not remotely rich enough to be affected by a centrist's tax plan

youtube suggestions are so LCD... literally one that just popped up was "i put HAMMERS in a PIANO!" like i want to watch someone destroy a piano for ad revenue? the future is bleak

not sure why, but whenever someone's random comment on social media "blows up", and they feel the need to use this transient worthless attention to hawk some side hustle, i get unspeakably sad

as we talk about the morality of vaccine patents

i think it is a nice time to also remember historical precident

jonas salk did not patent the polio vaccine. he went out of his way to make sure it was not patented.

he never got rich. he actively made sure he didn't get rich off of it.

but that history is full of stories about how for the rest of his life, jonas salk did not have to ever pay for a beer in any bar in this country. he would get on airplanes and once somebody recognized his name, the entire damn plane would stand up and clap for him. he constantly had hotel rooms comped, meals for free at restaurants, thus and so.

because he was surrounded by people who knew he had saved their children from having to ever consider the fear of an iron lung, and were overwhelmingly grateful for it.

he was always modest and demure when recognized thusly. but i think that when people start saying "well why else would someone make a vaccine, if not to get paid for it and hold the patent", i think it is good to remember these stories. the world did not punish jonas salk for not patenting the polio vaccine. the world loved him for it. maybe not in the structures that billionaires are most used to. but they did love him for it, in small ways, in humble ways, on the individual level.

Time for another biased poll.

Do you know what CC and BCC stand for in eMail without having to look it up?

I would appreciate it if you boosted this toot. :-)

Cannot fucking get over the fact that more than once I listened to NPM’s founder explain to us all that NPM would take Nazi money because it was the most utilitarian thing to do and better NPM have that money than somebody else.

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Basecamp opinions 

Basecamp has always seemed like a bit of a contradiction. Because they espouse these beliefs like "work should be depthful and fulfilling" and "your co-workers are people".

And yet DHH and Jason are dictators of the company. How can you believe that your co-workers are complete people with thoughts and dreams and opinions, and that at the same they don't deserve a say in what they work on and how they work on it.

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Not sure if this is posted *because* of today's cryptocurrency posts, or if it *started* those posts.

Either way, I'm in.

"Cryptocurrency is one of the worst inventions of the 21st century. [...] It has failed to be a useful currency, invented a new class of internet abuse, further enriched the rich, wasted staggering amounts of electricity, hastened climate change, ruined hundreds of otherwise promising projects, provided a climate for hundreds of scams to flourish, created shortages and price hikes for consumer hardware, and injected perverse incentives into technology everywhere. Fuck cryptocurrency."

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