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lol remember how the "old" networking config got deprecated for the "new" `/etc/network/interfaces` method?

nah, forget it, already deprecated, systemd waits for no one... networks are now configured in (try to hold in your bile)... YAML!

cool cool

asking for help on any linux forum 

'here's a problem i'm having'

'can you give the output of gsdghkjf --peepee --poopoo'

'here's a solution to a different problem you're not having'

(3 years later) 'i'm also having this problem'

'please make a new thread' (moderator marked thread closed)

TIL (from a lobsters thread) that a ton of people still use email and gcal from standalone apps outside their browser

"raison d'etre" is french for "raisin for eating"

they're often served at fancy restaurants ("maison d'etre")

oof... whether “deno“ is a good idea or not, it’s seriously a misread of the room to turn into a corporation and take vc money for a language project... that feels like an immediate ko

the gender options are "yes" "no" "maybe" "i don't know" "can you repeat the question" and "you're not the boss of me now"

it's been about a decade since we all decided that corporations should not try to do april fool's jokes because corporations intrinsically cannot be funny

and yet i guarantee you that tomorrow, the internet will be full of terrible non-jokes by corporations because they refuse to absorb this information

extremely correct venn diagram, techno dystopia 

it's hilarious to me that apparently is a thing that's happening

this year i discovered that i am the type of person who can legitimately enjoy watching a youtube series of a guy listening to each genesis song in order, and going "yeah that's pretty good" after each one

i just let my iphone take an os update while the timer was running

when i logged in after the reboot, the timer was still running and appeared to be correct


The hackers thought they were setting up an audio-based exfiltration method on an air-gapped machine, but I actually tricked them into fixing my audio on Linux

me: "this is definitely the worst, and most phoned-in, new order song. i wonder..."

[ quick search finds a long essay about the magic of, and story behind, this song ]

the internet!

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