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*calling trump's personal phone* "hey can you put biden on real quick?"

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Osteomelancholia would actually be a pretty dope vaporwave album name

Ma'am furries built the internet and graciously allowed the rest of us to crash their party, the least you can do is say thank you for your service

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this is the most robot thing i've seen all day

if i could divide by 28.35 in my head, i wouldn't be asking the computer!

i bought a yubikey and used it all of *maybe* 3 times before i got sick of the macbook "keyboard" and switched to a linux laptop.

usb-c isn't really on PC laptops yet, so my yubikey became a tiny, interesting, useless lump.

today i looked, and yubi still makes usb-A versions! so i bought one! i'll give this another shot :)

uspol, not topical 

the US civil war settled the question of whether states can dissolve the union (no)

but can the president? can congress? for example, if a "dissolution party" got a majority in congress and the presidency, could they pass a law dissolving the union?

or is it something that only "the people" can dissolve, thru an amendment or new convention?

or is this purely theoretical, since if congress dissolves and refuses to meet, there is "de facto" no federal government?

late night musings... :)


make way for what turns out to be the hottest take possible 😂

Origins of the youtube-dl project 

"As you may know, as of the time this text is being written youtube-dl’s repository at GitHub is blocked due to a DMCA takedown letter received by GitHub on behalf of the RIAA. While I cannot comment on the current maintainers' plans or ongoing discussions, in light of the claims made in that letter I thought it would be valuable to put in writing the first years of youtube-dl as the project creator and initial maintainer."


i do enjoy the cognitive dissonance involved in some truckers threatening to strike to promote fascism

a dozen times a day, whenever i need to copy or paste things in a terminal, i think back to when i passionately argued for gnome to keep "alt" as the command key... and not switch to "ctrl" just because they were *sure* windows was about to be eaten by linux and they wanted windows people to be happy

i hope all 17 of those windows people had an excellent experience

PEOPLE OF CALIFORNIA, the season of Won't Rain has ended. Today is the first day of Might Rain, so please look out in the yard and remind yourself of all the objects you may have left outside for the last 9 months assuming they couldn't possibly get wet, and bring them in now

i thought people learned in the 1990s that encryption can't be "forbidden" any more than you can forbid the sun from rising

but tbh there are a lot of things i thought we learned in the 1990s that it turns out only a few of us remember

I finally finished my fold-out workstation! It took about three months of working on the weekends, and I'm so glad to finally have my apartment free of clutter. You can follow along the arduous journey and see the result!

#woodworking #diy
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