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gave a demo of my mud to the boys and they immediately filed 20 bugs and feature requests, tested every limit, created and then burst a bubble economy based on real estate... so yeah that went way better than expected!

🎉 duf v0.4.0 is out, a user-friendly alternative to 'df'!

What's new?

- Hide filesystems with --hide-fs
- Theme & styling options
- Auto-detects terminal theme
- Support for OpenBSD
- Support for Windows

Get this yummy tool here: 😋

wow, found a weird little pocket of positivity on youtube!

heard a song that moved me, looked up the video, and all the comments are people loving on it ❤️

uspol joke 

it feels like an onion thing

"president's attempt to kidnap a governor is page 2 news!"

like literally so much shit is going on right now, that it doesn't seem like much of a big deal that trump literally tried to take out a fucking GOVERNOR

@cwebber just finished watching your activitypub presentation, and it's very inspiring!

you've chosen to tackle an immense, wide field of ideas, but i think that's better than choosing to tackle a tiny problem that's easily solved (and then you get bored) -- don't get discouraged!

having your ideas wash over me, makes me feel newly inspired on my MUD project :)

but, i mean, you tell me... is this the album art of a band with $1 cumulative earnings?!

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We often make fun of the unnecessary preamble on recipe and kitchen sites, but this is so incredibly irresponsible to leave up like this

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@cwebber is it intentional that your whitepaper for brux name-drops b-n sh-p-ro?

Do, a loop until a while
Ray, a vector made of light
Me, a reference to myself
Faq, a common query list
Foo, a type name in a doc
Bar, a name to go with foo
C, a language taught in schools
And that will loop us back to do.

We weren't comfortable with table service at restaurants but we did get to cook ourselves some decent meals! Now back to the grind...

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hey I left the house! We had a lovely weekend of hiking out on the coast for our anniversary. Was good to get away for a bit.

Today I woke up and saw someone posting an article entitled "If You Are Not Happy with the State of Magic, Stop Giving Wizards Your Money"

It's about Magic the Gathering, but man. It really took me a minute.

(from n-gate): "Much vitriol is deployed against Mozilla's recent releases, both of Firefox and of staff."


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