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damn, years later, i come back to "days of abandon" and it's still a gut-punch rainbow of emotions... what an amazing album

Yes, I think I'm ready to share this with non-followers too (sorry for the repost, followers).

This is #Freya from #FinalFantasyIX, performing her dragoon jump as seen by her enemies!

I commissioned this from @Cakechoz. I lightly edited the work to give it a background.

I love Sandrine's work! Give her a follow or go look at her other stuff:


main takeaway from this week's news: our protests are convincing boomers that there are real actual problems that the current non-administration is uniquely unqualified to resolve.

this may sound bad, but i think it's good: if boomers feel threatened and think only a regime change can calm the waters, that will matter more to them than anything the conflict is actually about.

your actions matter, and they are working. it's very subtle, but these subtle shifts multiply.

sometimes, on my linux laptop (pop!os), the entire ux will become sluggish, but the machine isn't doing anything serious.

it always turns out to be that something called "gnome-shell" is consuming an entire core and just needs to be restarted.

this bug has been around for 2 years and through 2 OS upgrades ... a google search says it's widely reported ... not a great look, wonder what the drama is that keeps it from getting fixed

yall, for bizcat, i think i can fit cyrillic upper & lower into the same 256 span as latin, by only removing pointless corporatisms like (c) (r) and TM...

i do not know or speak a slavic language so i'm particularly unsuited for this... does anyone know a cyrillic native who could give (harsh is ok) feedback on whether this is a workable retro 80s font? and what to fix?

[bf emerges from house] "whatcha doing out here?"
me: "adding cyrillic to my bitmap font"
[bf silently returns inside]

oh jeez, i canceled keybase like a year ago but still had the "proof" in my masto profile, that's embarrassing

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