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my city is notorious for being one of the most boring cities on earth. it's one of the top 10 cities in the US by population, but was named "most forgettable" by 538:

recently they held an open contest for designing a centerpiece, like the knoxville sunsphere or the st louis arch. it would replace our previous centerpiece, an enormous street light that collapsed under its own weight over 100 years ago.

they received nearly a thousand submissions. some of them are truly amazing.

i once implemented AES for an imaginary CPU

i do not know why. it was a weird time

a thing i learned the hard way at a past job is that it is pointless -- and probably self-destructive -- to try to get along with someone who doesn't want to get along with you.

i think this was a big takeaway from obama's presidency, also.

it can be hard to internalize, but sometimes, there can't be a bridge, because both sides don't want one. you can put out a pier but you have to move on.

game designers: i wonder how we can add interest to our game


game designers: it just feels like everything has been done before


game designers: i guess we'll just put a ton of polish on everything?


you kids and your "intel can't seem to get 7 nm working"

the 6502 was made with an 8000 nm process and we got along just fine!

@robey To be fair to history, the C64's 6510A (or, for C64C, 8500) processor lacks that signal. Neither does the 7501 (Commodore TED) nor the 8502 (Commodore 128) have it. The very last computer Commodore built using the vanilla 6502 package was the VIC-20. :)

omg a modern (2020) 65C02S chip still has a dedicated pin for externally setting the overflow flag, at least 30 years after the commodore 64 stopped being produced!

i wonder if any engineer under 40 years old has played with this chip and gone "why does this pin exist"

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the problem with this kind of deceit is that it may cause users to think your product (youtube, meet) is shit because it won't occur to them to try using your custom browser

so they may convince their company to switch to peertube or jitsi


I was looking at the patent for the 6800 microprocessor and it includes a slush maker‽ The microprocessor floor plan diagram shows up in a slushy drink patent. Unbelievably, the patent office swapped diagrams between these two unrelated patents issued on Oct 19, 1976.

@ischade this is a (hated) macbook, but might be the same problem!

we have to use 2.4GHz here (old house) and it works fine if i plug the 2 usb devices into the external monitor... which is usb-c... but not if i use a usb-to-usb-c powered hub

i wonder if the hub's connector cable is not insulated "enough" to prevent 2.4 interference, but the monitor cable is. good theory! thanks!

usb-c hit a low point for me today

i found out that my (mac) laptop can't do wifi AT ALL if a usb-c hub is plugged into it

how is that even possible

that’s it, everyone! we’ve reached the pinnacle of evolution!

may i present: a plastic slab, decorated to remind you of recycled weathered wood

CAN/US boarder, politics, refugees.

A Canadian court has ruled that the US punishes refugee claimants that are returned to it, and thus it cannot count as a safe country under Canada's immigration laws, so as of January 22, 2021 anyone applying as a refugee at the US/Canadian boarder must be processed. (The six months are to allow the government to respond, rewrite laws, create processes and so on, and is pretty typical when laws are struck down)

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