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good news everyone! if you don't count glibc, ssl, ssh, dbus, or curl, then most shared libraries don't have regular massive security holes! time to dump dynamic linking!

It's pretty depressing to have the last few things i was still looking forward to get canceled or ruined. I will force myself to think up new things to have hope for, I guess. But it's tough to stay positive.

i dreamt about a t-shirt that said "ANTI-BODIES / ANTI-DELIVERED" on top of a giant atom, and i was so excited that -- in my dream -- i grabbed my phone and wrote it down. it was really important to remember this hilarious joke

cracks me up how nothing in the usb world agrees on which side is up

Climate Change 

I think one of the biggest lies around climate change is the idea that individual action can have much of an impact.

Due to covid 19, we saw a bigger collective drop in individual carbon emissions than any could have imagined or hope for, and it was barely an impact.

still reeling that yesterday @jjwolverine said "i have enough pens", a sentence that is intrinsically paradoxical

this year has been so crazy that only last night did i remember that i bought ben eater's 6502 kit in JANUARY and it's just been sitting in a box on my workbench since then

ballvalve 3.0, because i added a useful ByteReader and cleaned up some of the API:

ballvalve adds functional methods like "filter" and "tee" to async iterators in javascript, making them much more useful than normal streams

is it a coincidence that tau day is on a sunday this year, and the sun is a *full circle* ?!

there's an uncomfortable truth that we linux people need to acknowledge.

even with the decades-overdue name change, glimpse has absolutely ATROCIOUS ux...

it seems to obey the rule of "make simple things difficult, some difficult things trivial, normal things impossible".

like why is "crop and re-save" a 10-stop process? it's the #1 thing people do with photos.

why is "auto levels" hidden, and why is it completely un-tunable?

watching my boss's typing notification for five minutes while it turns out he was typing something like "got a second?" is a form of torture that could be considered a warcrime, right?

We've been asked if we could quickly implement new features in #Liberapay so that it could replace #Bountysource, which has been doing shady things. We can't and we don't want to. Encouraging people to pay for a specific issue to be solved is problematic, it creates bad incentives instead of providing stable funding for the proper maintenance and development of a project. If you still think bounties are a good idea, then you can try to revive

when someone from the bay area says "the bay", they mean the big one. the main one. the important one.

just like when you hear "the city", you know it means SF


just took down a disconcerting number of wasps and their nest

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