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Reefjs • Very minimal Javascript DOM manipulator. Will update DOM efficiently based on changes to data, but otherwise doesn't do all the complicated stuff React or Vue do #linkblog #reefreefjsjavascriptprogrammingreactdomwebtootme

I remember at new years, I didn't even want to do 2020, I wanted to go back and do the 1990s instead but you guys were all like "no. Time is linear. We have to do 2020 now"

Now look at everything. Maybe next time you'll listen

i may have just spent the last half hour learning the guitar tab for an extremely lesser phil collins song

Good morning. I told my wife that Panko breadcrumbs are the best and that we should accept no substitute. She was sceptical.

Anyway. We keep a box stocked, and today I opened it. Well played, @ashleykrista, well played. [cw food]

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apparently python has async iterators too, but instead of "for await", they used the syntax "async for" -- i think this was a bad choice.

"for await", to me, clearly indicates that it's a for loop, and that each element will be "await"ed.

"async for" implies a kind of overall for-loop that is also somehow a generator by itself. it doesn't seem consistent with the other uses of async and await.

openssl encoding of an elliptic-curve signature (two 32-byte values):

- here comes a list!
- here comes a 32-byte value!
- i put a zero byte in front, just in case you might think it's a negative number!
- here comes another 32-byte value!
- same thing with that zero byte!

i added 8 bytes to your 64 byte signature because VALUE ADD!

When I was a kid, there was always a key marked "Return". These days it's always "Enter".

When did we reach the point of no Return?

covid-19 advice 

"This is military grade"
-what does that even mean
-aircraft carriers are running Win98 so clearly lots of things are "military grade"
-If the US government said eating plutonium was bad I would Google it just to be super sure

"Some furry gave us 5 stars on their blog"
-A clear indicator of quality
-Furries make the internet go, an authority on technology
-Furries typically aren't feds
-I trust anyone 4chan hates
-idk they're fuzzy or something

"hacker" "news" 

covid-adjacent joke 

amazon reviews crack me up sometimes... "hard to assemble" with this photo attached.

bro, your cabinet is literally flying out of the room, don't worry about writing a review just yet!

i guess a lot of desk organizers are clear/translucent because people like to look at their stuff?

spoiler: i want an organizer to hide the clutter, not show it off

Quarantine Fatigue • Excellent article about promoting risk reduction rather than an unrealistic goal of risk elimination. Explicit parallel to AIDS education #linkblog #aidshivcovid19coronavirusdiseasetootme

i wish ayn rand had lived long enough to meet elon musk and see how horribly horribly wrong she was

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