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test... the server is saying my account was deleted...

if you work in the manufacture of toilet paper, this must be the year you've always dreamed of

this is your MOMENT

zoom: "we had a security hole so bad that apple ejected us from the app store!"
internet: [all switch to zoom]

it took the lockdown today to make my office shut its doors, but they finally did... i grabbed enough random stuff from my desk (we work in hardware) that i should be able to work on most things at home anyway

i'm feeling really sad and lonely this week, if you are too, then we are not alone.

i highly recommend keeping a journal, even if it's just a small text file you update when you have feels

it helps you think through your own issues, and can act almost like a psychiatrist's couch

ok so i'm finally watching "downfall", and when the kids sing a delightful song about being _unter den linden_, the subtitles said "under lime trees"

this made absolutely no sense to me, so i had to look it up. *apparently* linden trees are called "lime trees" in the UK even tho they don't produce limes

i think the translators just worked a bit too hard. everyone has heard of linden trees ffs, but nobody outside of the brexit zone is going to think of linden trees when you mention limes

LMAO that hoarder got fucking C&D'd by the Tennessee Attorney General and has to turn all the shit he's hustling to the state get fucking dunked on

The Trove • A collection of scans of roleplaying game books. Uncertain license status, but excellent archive. #linkblog #gamesrpgsd&ddndgammaworldtravelertootme

today I discovered that because Microsoft thought the Zune “Z” device would become as iconic and obvious as Apple’s Apple, they left both their name *and the product name* off the Zune product line, so now there’s a small but consistent group of them listed on eBay as “Hello From Seattle” MP3 players

covid, nice graph 

covid response - 

autocorrect turned this into "birth under punches" and i'm going to leave it because it made me laugh

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the first upside of pandemic life: nobody blatted on about "pi day" today

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