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Any recommendations for ambient/chill music that I can keep playing in the background during live-coding sessions on Twitch/YouTube?

I've tried a few different options that claim to offer music for just that, but Twitch always ends up muting parts of my video with copyright claims 😒

[Boosts appreciated!]

wow what a surprise that the guy on a douchy electric unicycle headed off toward the new google campus

sometimes you have a bad idea and then spend an unreasonably long time executing on it

Reform 2.0D-3 pretty much done. double check everything tomorrow. put a last minute real time clock in there, too. new audio chip, new charger, new switching buck converters. new power routing.

Oleg Artemyev flies the longest route on the ISS starting at the Japanese storage module an ending at the Russian cargo module

Ok, but the pronoun stickers used by the America Chemical Society are actually badass?

finally uninstalled the remnants of keybase (_dramatic dusting-off-hands motion_)

*cat looking up from newspaper meme voice* i should get a RISC-V computor

"and now that the party _wax_ has finished listing their implacable demands for the coming year, the rusted barrel has been rolled out into the senate floor, for the ritualistic burning of the artifacts of despotism by the party _wane_..."

an italian grandmother in the local precinct kitchen, slowly stirring a pot of caucus tallé marinara.

i keep approaching the stove to find out the vote results, and she keeps smacking my knuckles with a wooden spoon.

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