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tried using bizcat (bitmap 8x16 retro font) as my linux console font and... i like it!

our local weather service is feeling punchy about the upcoming rain

From the folks who brought you the Panama Papers: the China Cables, a leaked "telegram" that is essentially a manual to running the massive Xinjiang Uyghur internment camps. The documents also reveal a system of automated mass surveillance.

#news #politics #China #Xinjiang #uighurs #uyghurs 🐘

here's some Homelessness Myths, courtesy of The Onion: (cw: drug) 

today i am diet crystal pepsi: zero fucks, zero calories

ICANN / .org corruption • Evidence from the sale and commercialization of the .org domain. Names Fadi Chehade at the middle of it. #linkblog #internetdotorgicannregistrardnsdomainstootme

here's a GIF of Elon Musk throwing a rock at the window of his car, on stage, and the window shattering

google hires anti-union consultants, article link 

no more of this "pound-feet" nonsense, ok? joules per radian or gtfo

i'm going to call it a "two-stage D flip-flop" instead of the gross term, and there's nothing you can do about it

played around with python "typings" yesterday and it's pretty disappointing compared to typescript...

some basic core modules like "serial" still don't have generated type declarations, so if you want to use typings, you'll first need to spend a few days generating bespoke type descriptions for any module you use :(

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