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Snark about AI researchers again; Strong language 

Zuck said Warren is an existential threat to Facebook and honestly that’s her number 1 endorsement so far.

OH: "It's my headcanon in #Castlevania that the music is in-universe. Dracula just has bomb ass taste in music and blasts it throughout the castle."

dangerously close to writing a 65c02 disassembler for x16

Good news as EU formally adopts Ecodesign measures:

- As of 2021, all TVs, monitors, fridges, freezers, washing machines, washer-dryers, dishwashers and lighting products on the EU market will have to meet minimum repairability requirements
- Manufacturers will have to ensure easy disassembly with commonly available tools.
- Spare parts and repair information will have to be made available to professional repairers for a minimum number of years.

i made a chart!

(65C02 instructions, color-coded by address mode)

I almost got through the week without having to punch a car

oh wait it's only Monday

Go snark 

ohhhh jeez i just figured it out. the x16 "PRG" format requires a 2-byte header, which i was forging in the source code, which confused ca65 about where the actual origin was... very much my fault, not ca65's 😅

oof... spent 2 days playing with ca65 (a 6502 assembler). cute idea to make a separate "linker", but it seems to have bugs computing the final offsets of a JSR in even a one-page program

either i'm very unlucky or nobody uses this. time to try a different assembler!

the 8-bit guy has been managing a project to make a c64-like hobby computer, and it looks interesting, so I joined their user group, which is for some reason hosted on fbook.

hoooooooo boy! i hadn't realized what a shit show that place really is! even an innocuous hobby hardware project turned into a bunch of boomers screaming about FAQs and insulting each other

hmmmm... is there any way to run a nextcloud client without a gui?

the linux client install seems to want hundreds of X11 packages, which isn't going to work on a headless server...

uspol joke 

uspol, + 


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