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@robey there is a perfectly reasonable explanation for the non-edible non-disposable peanut butter. It's just that our relationship hinges on you not knowing what i use it for.

r: "do you think this cabinet smells?"

me: "yes... i would have thrown away half the items in here, if i were allowed to."

r: "what?! what do you mean?"

me: "like this jar of expired peanut butter..."

r: "oh, you're not allowed to eat that or throw it away."

me: "see?"

I am inordinately proud of having never worked at Google or Facebook, which is a thing facebookers understand and googlers do not

Apple is going to add another camera to the iPhone every year until, whoops, it's an actual spider.

yr gonna want to sign up to get your free chuck e cheese tokens, i mean stardust or whatever, because these block-chain currencies will toooootally be around in ten years and aren't entirely based on FOMO!

About a quarter of the page visible on load and four clicks to clear out the banners. What is this nonsense.

their website focuses almost exclusively on iphone features that would appeal only to Instagram models. on the most important iphone bug (the headphone jack) it's eerily quiet. I guess that can only mean they haven't figured out how to add it back yet 🤔

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oof. just read a summary of today's apple announcements: still distracted by "apple tv" and the watch, now trying to get into games (ha! good luck)... new phones and ipads, but only to improve the cameras (why?)... no relief for the long suffering laptops of course. feeling pretty damn good about switching to a Linux laptop this spring.

it's crazy to me that they're this far out at sea and still have no idea!

#OpenBSD has disabled #DoH by default in our #Firefox packages. This is active in -current, and will be in our 6.6 -release.

From @otto 's commit message:

"""Disable DoH by default. While encrypting DNS might be a good thing, sending all DNS traffic to Cloudflare by default is not a good idea.
Applications should respect OS configured settings."""

"I’ve been a professional software developer for almost 8 years now" ... uhhhh.... uhhhh that isn't even since the last recession... no offense but you are a baby kitten...

"Right now, for side-projects, [I use] Go, Lua, Tcl, and Bash" ... this is not improving my opinion of the golang kidz

the outage page has a lot of popups about their impending bankruptcy and an internet poll for how I feel about their role in the summer wildfires...


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