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The Case for the Unattributed Message 

Well I dreamed there was an island
That rose up from the sea
And everybody on the island
Was somebody from TV
And there was a beautiful view
But nobody could see
Cause everybody on the island
Was saying: Look at me! Look at me!
Look at me! Look at me!

(Laurie Anderson "Language as a Virus", predicting social networking)

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luckily darksky has a generous API limit and a slightly simpler/better API that i was able to switch to in about 5 minutes of testing... thanks darksky! you rock!

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i was completely oblivious until now, that weather underground died last year...

It really doesn't take long for Hongkongers to turn two students too embarrassed to hold hands at a protest into a hilarious meme

fossbros be like it is everyones highest moral and sacred duty to use foss programs and then be like we cant rename a program that is named a literal ableist slur because blah blah blah THE SJWs blah blah blah people looking to be offended blah blah

In response to that one person, who wrote a blog post about how the CCC has become too political and how they didn't go to #CCCamp2019 because of an "Antifa or GTFO" atmosphere, I designed these.

Kinda wanna print some t-shirts. Anyone know a good place to do collective orders?

This is my favourite git commit message I have had to review today: "don't shorten 'cumulative time' to 'cumtime'..."

Eventually this may lead to a career change for me, but for now it's just an experiment. Let me know if you're interested, and we can chat about whether I actually know anything that would be useful to you :)

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Why am I doing this? Basically my day job takes place entirely inside a dumb bubble full of a very narrow type of problem, and a narrow type of engineer. I'm bored of working with them, frankly, and I would like to get back to helping more people with more realistic problems.

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Ok this is weird, but I want to try a little experiment. If you know me, I'd like to offer you 3 hours of free f2f tutoring/reviewing/help on any software project. I don't know everything, but I'm an experienced coder, and I have some (rusty) teaching experience. Inquire within!

Oh yeah, I should mention this here! Teensyduino 1.47 ships with a broken Makefile for the Teensy 4.0. It does not work at all. Here's how to fix it.

0. Edit ~/ardunio-1.8.9/hardware/teensy/avr/cores/teensy4/Makefile

1. Change -D__IMXRT1052__ to -D__IMXRT1062__ in DEFS.

2. Change -DF_CPU to 600000000

3. Remove -nostdlib and -nostartfiles from LDFLAGS

Yay, now it works! Use it as the basis for your next fun project.

OH: "I'm surprised more dads aren't upset about climate change, since I've seen how angry they get when anyone changes the thermostat."

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