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nextcloud hasn't yet figured out that syncing a single tiny file at a time doesn't scale:

ahhhh i didn't miss this part of the linux world

@librelounge I'm halfway through the chat networks episode and loving it, tho I keep getting distracted by nitpicks because I know the subject matter too closely :)

the one nitpick I feel like I MUST get out of my system is: slack is clearly influenced more directly by apps like hipchat & campfire, which were really popular in the tech corporate world (& directly inspired by IRC). these corp chat clients are the ones that added server side history, inline images, & bot apis

every year -- for at least the last decade -- we've begged corporations and organizations to stop performing these dumb april fool's jokes. nobody listens.

now a particularly poor april fool's joke may have killed the devuan project

the first line on the Chad Valley album is "I am not upset for a reason" and I feel so called out

This derailment of thought brought to you by my Twitter feed tonight:

in which a Google Cloud software engineer responds to a quotation from some unknown source, posted as an image.

yay metadata

yay discourse

I mean I know this is all we got, right now, but,

we used to have better messaging tools than the entire 2019 Social Media Ecosystem on Usenet

in the 1980s

heck we had better message-responding tools than this on FIDONET in the 1980s

this is a really lucid and detailed explanation of buffer overrun: the pacman kill screen

from a chat room:

"why did we image a black hole when we could just peer into the nearest node_modules folder?"

uhhhh... rust? ... you doing ok, buddy?

(this is the arm equivalent of:
X := 256MB
Y := 256MB

I find it fascinating to see developers argue against socialism while their whole careers are built on open source.

This is precisely what socialism looks like. All the core technology is democratized, and it's available to everyone. It doesn't matter if you're Google or a lone dev in a basement, you have access to the same tools.

Some of us are old enough to remember what things were like before open source won with corporate fiefdoms jealously hoarding technology.

GB Studio: open source and easy to use retro adventure game creator

I create a lot of throwaway website accounts with crap passwords (and often crap email -- thank you especially when it's one of those "you can download this datasheet in exchange for giving us an email address to send you spam at" sort of situations.

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