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I create a lot of throwaway website accounts with crap passwords (and often crap email -- thank you especially when it's one of those "you can download this datasheet in exchange for giving us an email address to send you spam at" sort of situations.

i don't think "millions of people use 123456 as their password" means people are stupid. i think it means they don't care about most websites, and don't agree with the idea that they have to create a new account every time they want to look at a picture they found through a search engine (for example)

TIL: While working on some JS code, to get the timezone offset of a Date, called getTimezoneOffset() and returned normal values for today.

But accidentally called it for year zero, and it returned "-14.73" in Firefox (just -14 in Chrome).

"14 minutes of difference? that's too exact for a timezone offset" Being -60 or -120 the common result in spanish timezone.

So started investigating and couldn't find anything at the start while looking at documentation and ECMA specifications, so went into the rabbit hole all the way to the SpiderMonkey source code, the implementation of the getTimezoneOffset method and then, into the ICU CPP source code to see how it was being made.

Couldn't figure out the *why* with the code (I'm not familiar at all with CPP) but some API definitions and keywords led me to a specific case, explained in StackOverflow, which talks about the timezone offset of Moscow in 1890: Exactly 2 hours, 30 minutes and 17 seconds. This is because Russia used solar time at that moment instead of an standarized timezone.

Looking for information about the history of time in Spain, in Wikipedia, seems like Spain started using UTC on Janurary 1st, 1901, before that, solar time was used.

getTimezoneOffset() of January 1st, 1901 -> "0".
getTimezoneOffset() of December 31th, 1900 -> "14.73".

¿Difference between Madrid's solar time and UTC time? Approximately 14 minutes.

I couldn't even imagine that timezone information would be **that** precise in the freaking browser.

this is apparently a real movie, with a 6% rotten tomatoes rating, and now i really want to see it:


mastodon proves that "not furry, but furry adjacent" is a distinct identity

This seems like a chilling conversation for Americans:

Language is fun.

English: I am thirsty

Fr/Sp: I have thirst

Gaelic (h/t @kiki_d): Thirst is on me

Hindi: To me, thirst is coming

omg my fitbit thought I was sleeping the whole time we re-watched the game of thrones season 7 finale 🤣

apple's morale has declined so much that the xcode installer progress widget is now a solid white ring that's slowly consumed into darkness


How is this:

Try a new Standard
Rally support
Actively discourage non users
Prevent userbase from escaping


this is such a good summary of a common bad practice that I spent the last five minutes trying to come up with a better acronym for it

- Embrace a communication standard
- Capture: attract a large user base
- Break away: break backward compatibility and/or provide a worse UX for those outside of your walled garden
- Lock-in: corner in the userbase

EXFO? embrace, extend, fork, obstruct?

“Our system converts sunlight and water vapour from the air directly into hydrogen gas, with an efficiency of 15%. That’s more efficient than the traditional ways of producing hydrogen gas."

Batteries are not the solution, hydrogen is:
- no import / export dependency
- fully decentralised production / storage
- will benefit the global south and the third world
- literally the most abundant element in the universe

i made a lot more progress on my bytecode runtime than i expected, while i was sick and should've been watching columbo and history documentaries... even cycle & time budgets are working!

summarizing an actual conversation between me and a good friend, in dialectic meme form


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