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Most lucid political thought I've read this week came from guy who got suspended from Twitter for sexually harassing a cartoon cereal mascot

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watching the kids in the fedi rediscover peer-to-peer and decentralized networks makes me feel like the character at the end of "radio free albemuth":

"Dick narrates the concluding passage about his life in a concentration camp, where his supposedly latest work is actually penned by a ghost writer and regime-approved hack. Suddenly, however, he hears music blaring from a transistor radio, and realizes that salvation may lie within the hearts and minds of the next generation."

@russsaidwords screen used to use ^a -- both are terrible choices because both ^a and ^b already mean something in shell prompt line editors!

i set both to ^z because even tho ^z also means something (suspend task), it's a thing that you don't need to do if you're running screen or tmux :)

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Been thinking about ethics and technology (especially with AI) and how ethics could be better taught in schools. Starting with the idea of singularity. Currently reading this manifesto by Joichi Ito. Great quote here:

stock photos for all your stock photo needs, such as when you need this one to convey the idea of what this is:

“Hmm,” the drone said. “Be careful, now; that is how they term the species they subjugate; animals. Of course they are animals, just as you are, just as I am a machine. But they are fully conscious, and they have a society at least as complicated as our own; more so, in some ways. It is pure chance that we’ve met them when their civilization looks primitive to us; one less ice age on Eä and it could conceivably have been the other way round.”

"The reason they’re trying to find out about us is they want to invade us; they want to conquer the Culture. The problem is that, as with all playground-bully mentalities, they’re quite profoundly *frightened*; xenophobic and paranoid at once."

“They do,” Gurgeh said, “sound fairly…”—he’d been going to say “barbaric,” but that didn’t seem strong enough—“… animalistic.”

having a minor panic attack as I read about how git realized five years ago that they needed to finally stop using sha1 but never actually did it

i put my rain jacket in storage because it's, you know... [checks calendar] MAY... but ok, global warming, you do you

Tired of your phone alarm going apeshit while you try frantically to silence it? Well I made you a ringtone! It's a simple song that begins with brief, discreet tones. There are long pauses at the start, so you have more time to turn it off calmly:


realized the other day that i've never seen a raspberry, because i would definitely remember seeing a neon cyan berry

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