why do boomers hate trees so much?

the new neighbors are spending the morning chopping down their last big tree. (they had two, but the realtors took care of the previous one.)

i assume the next step is to replace their back yard with a concrete slab

@jacethechicken heathers is one of the top 10 movies of the 20th century

ash installs a linux 

@JordiGH (not a math person) it kinda looks like they need some sort of "capital PI" notation for all those circle-x

uspol+ bernie 

So @toast and I have been kicking back and forth some FOSS ideas for some time now, and recently they've crystallized into a thing that we're calling Trivial Technology.

It's a kind of alternative to (F)OSS where the focus is in making small, understandable software that can be hacked on, and not black box feature pinatas.

It's still early days, as of now we've got the manifesto and a micro website up. (boosts welcome 😛 )


@trickster i have to do this all the time at work. who hurt python to make it this way

"did you just tell me to go fuck myself?" "i believe i did, bob"

TIL someone made a new alphabet & orthography for lojban and it looks amazing! mw.lojban.org/images/b/b3/ZLM4

i’ve always wanted to do a similar alphabet for english (consonants plus diacritics for vowels)

hey they’re still selling my linux laptop! which i love! (and it does boot incredibly fast) system76.com/laptops/darter

uspol humor 

my jaw just hit the floor... i was watching a video about a disk emulator for the apple ii (“floppy emu”) and they are *clearly* using my tom thumb font!


does anyone know where i could get a vending machine with cow spots all over it that says “MILK”?

(cough) i’m all for a good curmudgeonly rant, but C has been able to do this since C99, which is now old enough to drink. are you compiling this on a pdp11? mastodon.technology/media/cre_

python question 

@ashfurrow it came with my laptop and i like it enough that i never reinstalled :)

i keep thinking about this rant on lobsters yesterday that referred to LARP, with the word LARP as a link to "let me google that for you".

i feel like there were 2 good options when typing that:

1. leave it with no link, let curious people google it

2. make it a link to a wiki page or other informative source (go ahead and "google it for them")

taking the trouble to make a useless link has the effect of saying "fuck you for not already knowing this acronym from my small subculture"

don't be an ass.

never heard of lmdb before! seems to be a faster version of flat-file b+tree, similar to the old "sleepycat" db... github.com/LMDB/lmdb

however... are we serious about it being all one giant C file that's ELEVEN THOUSAND LINES LONG?! 😂

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