imagine if everyone in advertising were doing literally anything else

@mdszy you were my least favorite lobsters son but now you are #1


watching a lofi youtube and it used a blast of binary as an example so of course i paused it to decode the ascii


i hate everything

it's only a matter of time before the US supreme court decides that ads are people too, with all the same rights as humans and corporations

a new low point for lobsters: a capitalist coder whines that when he puts ads in free software to make a quick buck on the side, a distribution might choose to remove them!

"Much like Ash Ketchum, the beloved star of the Pokémon cartoons, I take great pleasure in cataloguing types of blockchain enthusiasts.

These people were supposed to be wiped out by the asteroid strike, and yet they walk among us."


hahaha it's a little surprising to see an ansi columbo in my desktops view, hours after making that demo

updated bmp2ansi to use typescript because npm said babel was full of security holes that couldn't be fixed (sigh):

uspol, late capitalism, police violence, birdsite screencap

Driver passes UPS truck that was involved in the Miami shooting.

The only people the cops serve and protect is themselves.

Fuck the Police.

okay lads it's time for me to talk about my literal, actual, most-hated thing in modern media storytelling, because as a writer, it straight-up torpedoes half the stuff I might otherwise enjoy because of how ubiquitous, inane, and cynical it is: the 'Third Act Perceived Betrayal' plot twist


JUST IN: Sanders calls to break up Comcast, Verizon in sweeping high-speed internet plan

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