the news that ssh will (finally) drop sha-1 support is a good time to go check your private keys on each of your laptops and home machines, and make sure they're ed25519.

in your `~/.ssh` folder, look at any file ending in ".pub" (this is a text file, and is safe to view) and make sure the line starts with "ssh-ed25519"

if you need to generate a new key, this arch wiki page is a good reference (it's easy):

I do like how "Ok boomer" made "Ok Google" sound as dismissive as it should have been from the start.

“Future archaeologists trying to understand what the #Shuttle was for are going to have a mess on their hands… a vehicle designed to be launched repeatedly to near-Earth orbit, tended by five to seven passengers with little concern for their personal safety, and requiring extravagant care and preparation before each flight… Clearly this primitive space plane must have been a sacred artifact, used in religious rituals to deliver sacrifice to a sky god.”

Jessica Fletcher has the same (correct) instinct with computers as I do.

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> os/2 is so bad that in three years of trying i have been unable to make a cohesive video about it because there's just too much to cover. here is the kind of material you would get if i was able to make any progress on this. os/2 is *unspeakably* bizarre…

This was so hilarious I started hyperventilating.
Gravis (edited) (@gravislizard)

badly animated workplace training video, depicts a VERY CLOSE to a very gruseome situation 

i've been avoiding the news for a few decades. did we ever take care of the morris worm? is it safe to internet again?

i love it... there's a mozilla/firefox bug on image flashing that was filed 9 years ago, still happens today, and will apparently never be fixed:

for the gritty realism each time picard ordered tea he should have tried to sip it and go "ooh hot" and then they should end every scene with him going "oh fuck my tea"

if you ever somehow feel bad about your abilities as a software developer


i have a device that does nothing but circulate and heat water

its firmware is on version 123.52 a process einstein and rosen called “quantum intrepidation” in a 1936 paper...

"The main reason for the existence of the ACS is to enable amateur computer builders to help each other, saving time and money by trading ideas."

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Apple software 

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