@mdszy plus the reddit community was pretty cool, just people excitedly showing off hacks to each other.

I hope Commander x16 can be something like that

@mdszy I wrote a self hosting assembler for it back then... reddit.com/r/dcpu16/comments/t

it was so much fun. but notch was already well on his way to becoming an asshole

@mdszy frame 1: "anyone know how to do this programmatically?"
frame 2: "here's how with postman!"

long ago I had this idea to make fake warning stickers for BART, so it delights me to see that someone actually did it


buried lede in this very excellent article about scheduling algorithms is that the tokio team wrote a tool ("loom") for testing concurrency edge cases! tokio.rs/blog/2019-10-schedule

after some crafty refactoring, got the 65c02 disassembler down under 0x380, about 15% reduction... this is probably as good as i can get it, but i'm completely satisfied!

i upgraded to disco, and the new version of nautilus is... *laughably bad*.

desktop items are kept auto-organized in an inscrutable way. if you move any of them, the whole desktop vanishes for a few seconds.

i've taken to using the terminal for all file ops, which feels like a complete failure for a file manager. :(

@robey yeah it really doesn't hurt the company's public brand, they basically get away with it.

What it does hurt is the company's relationship with its employees. The employees DO notice and they DO, in small numbers with each of the thousand cuts, quit in disgust.

The fact that the company doesn't care about retaining ethical employees tells you everything you need to know.

I write so much throwaway code just to understand problems. I rewrite once I understand.

@bgcarlisle some kind of cocktail bar with a jungle theme, it was nicely quiet with good drinks (and cocktails are rare in berlin)

cursing, personal attacks on an unknown person 

Dear @gitlab, after reading this, I am ashamed to be using your product:


We will stop using it as soon as we can manage to and I will stop recommending you to others. Unlike you, we don’t associate with folks incompatible with our values.

Shame on you.


it is sooooo naïve for these tech companies to fund regressive PACs and then hope to claim that it doesn't really matter... why do they keep thinking this will work?

there's no way to spin this: you are giving real actual money to bad people who use the money to do bad things. if you "disagree with them", stop giving them money.

Researchers find bug in Python script may have affected hundreds of studies


(the bug is going to make your eyes roll out of your head, but this script was written by researchers [apparently without help?], not programmers)

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