spam from google today: "get ready for exciting new changes to Glormph!"

me: "what... IS... Glormph?"

wiki: "Glorpmh was purchased by google and deprecated in 2012"

i thought it was bizarre and funny the first time i saw it...

but now i've seen it so many times that i think it's a common trend.

some firmware C code returns 1 on success, not 0!

always keeping you on your toes! eternal vigilance!

i wish blockchain bros could express their ideas in technical terms instead of circular marketing jargon and childish "where's waldo" references


i think the aristotle bust looks more realistic with googly eyes

Why on earth would I need Sonos to show a desktop notification when the song changes? I know the song just changed. I can hear it. That's the notification.

@bgcarlisle i should have clarified that this person was in seattle, where tests are free by law and easy to get...

but yeah the very discordant testing and vax availability around the earth has been depressing (and maybe a big reason we're currently in the delta mess?) :(

@patrick hey if they're on american soil they'll need a visa and a passport from wherever they're now from ;)

today, in a chat room: "how would i get a covid test?"

ladybugs and gentleworms, here we are 16 months into the pandemic... and some people don't know how to even get *tested*

i want to make a joke but i'm still speechless

i'm good with this concept as long as it's only the people who secede and not the land, and anyone who wants to stay, can

@aphyr agreed... the real difference seems to be whether it's coming from an explicit follow (you know what you're getting) or showing up in some federated feed (my eyes!)

dunno anything about how mastodon's plumbing works (so i should stop here) but ideally they could have an "auto-cw but only for randos" feature?

@aphyr when @skelly had a cooking instance running, they had it auto-CW all outbound posts with "maybe food" which was both funny and preemptive :)

not a suggestion, just for info purposes if you're seeking options

oof, i forgot that SQL allows all fields to be nullable by default... in some ways, the ancients were still just babes in the woods

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