err excuse me but these seem like non-goals? are you a guest blogger from palantir?

what is the purpose of removing only one letter from “stack”? i wish “don’t abbreviate” was more well socialized among junior devs

holy crap my tomato seeds are sprouting!

i know nothing about plants so they will surely die, and soon, but for now this is very exciting!

my solder flux arrived gift wrapped

“happy birthday, son... have some flux”

i can’t help it but this sort of thing bugs me. there’s no such thing as “straight binary” x509... it has many possible encodings including PEM.

it’s like saying “straight binary unicode”... there is no such encoding of unicode.

love 2 look at an old project that i gave up on last year, and find that it was basically done... just threw in the towel, a meter short of the finish line

browser js that reads and graphs RRD files

#1. wat
#2 - #5 are also: wat
#6 there is nothing i need to know about this

steam's "updating" dialog box is perhaps the least inspiring graphical display i have ever seen from a game engine

someone thought it was "unkind" of me to remind that e*ch used his wealth to make the world a worse place.

i'm slightly amused at how sheltered that bro must be

soatok's article about the awful java crypto API reminded me that we had to wrap it in all kinds of crazy ways to make ssh portable in jaramiko:

we got a gift subscription to “snacks from around the world” and i think my favorite so far is these ukrainian wasabi pringles slabs

my stupid pet project for the last week has been to write a python script that can generate a TLS ECC curve 25519 ("Ed25519") certificate and private key from scratch (using nacl)

so that projects (like gemini) that want to use TOFU certs don't have to use the incredibly annoying openssl toolchain

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