i think the aristotle bust looks more realistic with googly eyes

clay... clay... i'm afraid your deceit has unraveled... the jig is up... the site ratted you out

you DID, in fact, "get it", according to our records

i assume this is just a mistake in the code (ironic since the whole article is about changes to CSS) but it was a real gaslighting WTF moment for me for a minute, like ... "did the author think this orange is a shade of purple?!?!"

hmm i wonder when it was that i got burned out on my mud project for a while

what in the name of our holiest kate bush...?! google marketing is a long game troll

(article in previous toot)

the neighbors are a hoot :)

(yes they just used an old meme, but still funny)

dang. this is so close to working, i can taste it... list expressions ("list comprehensions") in my mud's basic-like scripting language

this cracks me up because i sometimes see a memory graph that puts 0 at the top and my brain screams... but i know at least one person who's the opposite

and it doesn't seem to be generational!

npm: "btw there is a new version of me! install it!"
me: "ok, npm i -g npm"
npm: "noooooo error!"


i'm not proud of this hack, but it solved a real problem and it made me laugh

do websites even look at their own content before hitting publish

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