omgggggg they messed with it a bit (everyone does) but "Produced" and "DETACHED SOLUTIONS" are clearly tom thumb :D

this is before i posted it to a blog, so someone had a sidekick 😏



lol who the hell uses instagram "DM" to do business

py jingo! computing a blake3 hash seems to be 5x faster than sha-256 on my laptop... so much faster, that i'm going to make it the default, and not worry about making an alternate format that doesn't do the block scan: 12 seconds to scan and archive 2.7GB is plenty fast!

why not? he's been wrong about many, many other things

(i really hate hero worship)

help what is happening please for the love of kate bush do not use TWO DIFFERENT X HEIGHTS IN THE SAME WORD

i can actually create and unpack a 1.7G archive! this is a great milestone :) :) :)

one of my favorite etymology facts is that garlic comes from “(g)war-leek” — the (g)war prefix from warden & guard — so it just means "spear leek"

ok, so it's possible to use ssh ed25519 keys to encrypt/decrypt a nacl "SealedBox", but apparently nacl uses some oddball encoding

oh hell yeah… can finally display any random text and graphics on the keyboard display

i have a mental model of hardware engineers that's just otters bapping at a keyboard until things work, and then they stop bapping, but i want you to appreciate the kind of nonsense this generates

ok cool, the usb protocol variant supports over 512 bytes per "command" (i had it print out the length of the command), so it should be possible to send it an entire 128x32 bitmap in one command

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oh no, it worked! i should not be given this kind of power…

shhhhhh don't tell but i extracted the keyboard oled's font using font-problems

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better pictures of the mnt reform using bizcat console font, and metrickal font in xfce-term

has anyone ever seen sway + rofi do this? and is there any way to fix it?

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