i have these thoughts sometimes too, about twitter, which i left a decade ago

i end up writing this kind of comment a *lot* in javascript

kudos to this blog for using my absolute favorite monospace font

i'm running out of ways to say this, but i am absolutely not going to read the comments on your youtube or ycombinator post. if you have something interesting to say, just say it, like a normal person

yall, for bizcat, i think i can fit cyrillic upper & lower into the same 256 span as latin, by only removing pointless corporatisms like (c) (r) and TM...

i do not know or speak a slavic language so i'm particularly unsuited for this... does anyone know a cyrillic native who could give (harsh is ok) feedback on whether this is a workable retro 80s font? and what to fix?

oh my goodness. a graphics/gaming library really should have a better-rendered logo. embarrassing!

this hot take continues to annoy me, so i will continue to debunk it each time it comes up.

steve jobs did not invent the smart phone. several early versions of the “smart phone” existed at the time and had devoted (small) followings.

apple convinced the mass market that they actually *wanted* such a device, and that they ought to be willing to pay a very high price for it, because at first the hardware was extremely expensive.


getting basically happy with the anti-aliasing and color quantization

what in the BLAZES is going on with our lemon tree?! (wallet for scale)

abusive sexual word used in code 

oooooooof! how many times do we have to point out that "count" is the prototypical example of an english word that you do NOT want to abrvt

this gives an interesting upsight into why some people get so excited by lisps... it may be their first experience using a high-level language to solve real problems

for others of us, that was python or typescript

current status: yelling at a ben eater video that he can just do `LDX message,Y` he doesnt have to keep doing `LDA message,Y` and `TAX`

have you ever 65c02 bro?!?!?!

also mildly offended at using the painters algorithm to reverse a string

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