one of my favorite tricks is to use the unicode "top 1/8 block" character as an underline for errors

i nearly had a stroke last night when i realized that columbo's partner (for one episode) was DABNEY COLEMAN

while i sympathize with the Plight of the Young Engineer, i feel like this list of problems applies to *any* tech corporation that has *tens of thousands* of people

would you believe this took only 400 lines of dependency-free python (no time library)?

ahhhhhh the fun we have on a friday night

i guess i don't need to dig any further into the code to figure out why micropython's "localtime" doesn't seem to understand time zones

whoa! ok i never heard anyone in my coder circles mention this phase or even this concept until at *least* the zeros

the linked tweet has 3 boosts and 53 faves. maybe the author isn't very familiar with twitter, but that amount of "engagement" is at the level of "even their mom didn't fave it". ... so... that is not a "famous" tweet.

this one gets closer to the marx, tho... you can tell that lenin really admires garfield

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i know we're tired of the dall-e stuff but i keep thinking about this one where it decided that maybe "garfield" was a euphemism for lenin, and rendered lenin deep in debate with himself... i can't tell who's winning the argument

it's probably about time for to find a better font

what if you 🤔 didn't treat your readers 📖 like we're 6 years old? 😘

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