yes i added a scripting language and string templates to my mud, in case you're wondering how stir-crazy i've been this year

oh jeez... i'm not the, uh, most "hip" person, but even *i* don't need an explainer for this, comrades

would it be too reductive to summarize the headline as "who is policing the police?" or "why aren't fascists trolling themselves instead of americans?"

this is the best summary of the "working at twitter" experience i've ever seen (via @cadadr)

i seem to have implemented expression evaluation in my mud's scripting language

it is completely unnecessary to allow people to add stickers to the announcement feed but i love it

i read this in the style of "shaka when the walls fell"... people saying "this downtime makes me feel like..."

- "cate, with the spaghetti"
- "drake, his hand raised"
- "pikachu, when a wild missingno appears"

i wrote an expression parser for the scripting language in my retro mud because this is 2020 and the deep end is a distant memory

TIL that my old home state of tennessee ran a DSA-endorsed candidate for the senate this year! (she lost)

but that's amazing! good job tennesseans!

her image on wikipedia may be the most tennessee picture ever

i did it. i still don't really understand why, but i did it.

working on adapting bizcat to old "ibm ascii" font for retro games, and wow, there are some aspects of 1980s culture that really stand out in glowing red hot neon as being "beyond fucking dated"

@skelly i run a few servers, and name them after "fancy names for colors", with ansi art motd to help identify as i ssh around

realized last night that you would probably enjoy the motd on "crimson"

zdani has its own basic-like language for programming the game, because why wouldn't it?


americans consistently vote to keep fascists in power, yet somehow "liberals" are to blame for the capitalist hellscape, ok

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