this is bunk. c# may be a great language now (i have no idea) but at the time, it was well understood to be a clone response to the threat of java to microsoft


cool I've never received a single lone congratulation before

uhhhh... rust? ... you doing ok, buddy?

(this is the arm equivalent of:
X := 256MB
Y := 256MB

omg my fitbit thought I was sleeping the whole time we re-watched the game of thrones season 7 finale 🤣

apple's morale has declined so much that the xcode installer progress widget is now a solid white ring that's slowly consumed into darkness

summarizing an actual conversation between me and a good friend, in dialectic meme form


what's the point in being a jerk like this? will we trust your opinion more if we think you're an asshole?


there's this thing a lot of recent cars have, where the windows are too narrow and high up, and it looks like someone hitching their pants up to their navel

this photo is amazing! i assume it's touched up or colorized somehow? but it makes him seem... alive... real

sorry to go all wikipedia on you here, but you can't reference your own tweet to back up an unsubstantiated claim

amused to see that, for the first full second of waking up, my linux laptop is busy trying to finish going to sleep.

(i'm idly curious why the laptop sometimes takes 15 seconds to show a password screen after being opened)

today's YOU TRIED sticker winner

• esp32's build system turns on all gcc warnings and more
• esp32's own libraries spew scary warnings based on these settings

there's a person in the world who considers "pissed off" to be vulgar! 🤣

aieeee my offended eyes!

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