uspol+ bernie 

"did you just tell me to go fuck myself?" "i believe i did, bob"

my jaw just hit the floor... i was watching a video about a disk emulator for the apple ii (“floppy emu”) and they are *clearly* using my tom thumb font!


(cough) i’m all for a good curmudgeonly rant, but C has been able to do this since C99, which is now old enough to drink. are you compiling this on a pdp11?

never heard of lmdb before! seems to be a faster version of flat-file b+tree, similar to the old "sleepycat" db...

however... are we serious about it being all one giant C file that's ELEVEN THOUSAND LINES LONG?! 😂

as near as i can tell, this is the "standard" way to run a python script with its local modules and not installing shit all over the system... shebangs simply don't work and the pipenv team doesn't want anyone to try

i will never again take guff about javascript from a python fan

wait wait wait wait wait

why is the red button *second* from the left?!

the red button was *record*, you—!

get off my lawn!

"I add 3-25 seconds of latency to every site I visit"

I do this too, by having broadband in the US via comcast! ZING

i’m not sure the makers of this game understood how solar power works

this bad use of "C244" for the constant `(61 << 2)` is actually *wrong*.

the joke-named constants are masking the fact that the `<` comparison is supposed to be for 2**8, 2**16, and 2**24.

the code, ironically, would be much clearer if `(61 << 2)` and `(1 << 8)` were written inline 🤦‍♂️

my city would like you to know that language is no barrier to narcing on your neighbors!

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