hahaha it's a little surprising to see an ansi columbo in my desktops view, hours after making that demo

tried using bizcat (bitmap 8x16 retro font) as my linux console font and... i like it!

our local weather service is feeling punchy about the upcoming rain

a thing that delights me about this comic is that only boomers still have gps devices, so both answers are archaic mastodon.technology/media/iFF8

via birdsite: blog.mozilla.org/futurerelease

i still can't get over: WHY did mozilla implement this? was there a single user that said "i wish there were more ways for websites to annoy me"? i feel like they just designed this in a vacuum


experimenting with what the chonky font looks like when it shows its own compile output

been working on a "chonky" 8x16 bitmap font, suitable for VGA consoles with teeny tiny screens. i've never really liked the IBM serif thing that everyone seems to use by default.

this is what I think of whenever one of yall gets excited about tex (an overly complex layout engine from the 1970s which is still used in way too many tech papers) mastodon.technology/media/1Tq5 mastodon.technology/media/vctq

welp, i guess that was a short winter... welcome back to summer!

as i fumble my way toward some of the woz optimizations, my test suite can now show me exactly what's wrong

interesting, it's possible that ICE is violating microsoft's code of conduct @OCRbot

(microsoft owns github)

made some progress with my homegrown 65c02 disassembler for the x16

(yes i realize this is the dumbest project ever, it's just somehow very relaxing for me, like code golfing)

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