interesting, it's possible that ICE is violating microsoft's code of conduct @OCRbot

(microsoft owns github)

made some progress with my homegrown 65c02 disassembler for the x16

(yes i realize this is the dumbest project ever, it's just somehow very relaxing for me, like code golfing)

tricksy effect: blit 6x8 characters in an 8x8 tile renderer

the pictured man is Grant, a president so famous that his ugly mug is on US currency

always have my morning coffee in a mug with my own fucking face leering back at me

how to create a "PRG" file from a .bin file, tennessee-style

i made a chart!

(65C02 instructions, color-coded by address mode)

as a very experienced software programmer, I take issue with calling this code "half assed". it did not even have half an ass.


i like taking photos of a recipe as i make it, for future reference about what it should look like as it goes

(...when it turns out well)

this caused rus to actually clean the pantry. among the finds:

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