ouch: system76 has 7 laptop models, but only 2 they can actually produce anymore

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@robey The Framework laptop is pretty nice except for the keyboard which is a horrific cursor key cluster, no dedicated pgup/pgdn/home/end keys, and only a trackpad... no trackpoint option. I wish they'd offer an alternate keyboard.

@swetland i was intrigued by the framework but it seemed like they were only interested in windows (?! aren't there a million windows laptops already?)

i'm happy with my system76 tho not as happy as i was with my first one, and it's sad to watch them die because they won't do their own builds... these are clearly all just rebranded from china

@robey Their configuration thing has the OS options of:
(a) Windows 11 Home (Download) +$139
(b) Windows 11 Pro (Download) +$199
(c) None (bring your own)

I run Ubuntu on mine. Haven't had any issues.

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