A lot of my friends on Twitter seem to have a deep hatred of Mastodon, and I'm trying to figure out why. I can certainly understand just not wanting to use Mastodon, Lord knows, I'm here very rarely myself, but I don't understand the vitriol against it.

@twylo wow i'd never heard of that and now *i'm* curious too... it sounds like being angry at the printing press or the concept of rocks

maybe it's because i don't think of the fediverse as a "place": twitter is like midgar, and the fediverse is like the rest of the universe, it just exists as-is and you make your own way?

@robey @twylo Weird! I would also like to understand. I wonder if it's some nazi misinfo or something?

@robey @twylo Ok I found some vitriol, example: twitter.com/atomicthumbs/statu

...these complaints aren't wrong? I just value the federation more than the reliability. (And I don't use the Mastodon DM feature, because why on earth would I trust a public platform with private info)


@zerotrickpony @twylo after reading that thread i think there's a certain type of furry who this site just ... isn't *for*... and that's ok

it's not about clout or followers or having a central registry, but some of us like that

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