i'm having a lot of fun playing with the "maix amigo" that the boys received as stocking stuffer... it's like a puzzle, almost nothing is documented well, or in english, and much of the sample code is broken.

BUT! it uses common parts (so you can always look up the ref sheets), a bunch of toys (touch-screen, accel, cameras, buttons, a wifi adapter), micropython (!!!) and some firmware code i can mangle.

i saw micropython a few years ago & thought "that's cool". after using it for a while, it's way more than cool! i'm half-tempted to try to port maixpy to 1.17 so i can have uasyncio and green-tasks.

it's risc-v too! 🎉

the firmware (like all firmware) is written by hardware people, so it's utterly bizarre, but i managed to hack in sprite support so i can draw text & animate small objects quickly.

sadly, it looks like the company gave up on this product (and all products?) when the pandemic hit. ☹️


i got the maix micropython updated to 1.13 and got (u)asyncio working!!! 😈

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