i'm good with this concept as long as it's only the people who secede and not the land, and anyone who wants to stay, can

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@robey As in _actual_ SovCits on the road? Don't think that's a good idea tbh. They need their own physical plot of the world just so you can keep everybody else out of harm's way.

But then, they love the "old American ways": Maybe stuff them into a reservation somewhere far away from everywhere with no land development opportunity.

@patrick hey if they're on american soil they'll need a visa and a passport from wherever they're now from ;)

@robey I suppose they could ask for a - just that the US is not a signatory of the treaty.

DACA is also no option (not that they would take it if they could): you must not have had legal grounds for residence on 2012-06-15 to apply.

Interesting "what if" :-)
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