did stickermule remove their marketplace of geeky stickers? weren't there a bunch of random stickers you could buy?

i can't find them anywhere. i feel vaguely gaslit!

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answer from their support site:

"We decided to close the marketplace several years ago to focus on improving our core experience of ordering custom products."

sucks because i literally don't know where else to go to find nerdy stickers... i just want a "fish shell" sticker 😭

@robey lol i went through this same experience a little while ago. they definitely used to have a marketplace. having it quietly disappear was so disorienting.

@dvshkn ok i actually found some archived (now dead) links to so we're definitely being fucked with :) ... i just wrote to their support to see if i could get them to fess up

@robey they sent a newsletter saying they’d end it, but made very little noise otherwise. I think the reason they did it is because it was an easy way for people to order single units of custom designs, which isn’t very cost-effective

@brunoph makes sense… a friend’s theory is that it was also hard to moderate, and keep people from selling art they didn’t have rights to

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