Whenever I lose confidence in my ideas, I think about how Jeff felt about the first iPhone

That time Dropbox was announced on Hackernews

Yes, Brandon. Those are things that all Linux users enjoy setting up and maintaining on a routine basis whenever they change a system



@cypnk have to admit, even tho i was never on hn [shudder], back at the time, i *did* think "isn't this just a poor implementation of cached nfs?"

@robey It seems so obvious in retrospect, but there really wasn't anything like Dropbox at the time

I think the biggest problem they solved was friction. May not have been large friction, but for someone not as tech savvy, it made all the difference in the world

@cypnk yeah! in retrospect, everyone hated NFS, nobody could get it to work well, and a lot of IT was reluctant to set it up...

i had a more nuanced view of dropbox's sync strategy, since i used to work at danger

"they solved the multi-way sync problem... by just... choosing not to solve it? ... they just pick an arbitrary version of the file?! and tell the user they should try not to do that?!?!" [walks deep into the forest to meditate]

but it's totally "good enough"

@robey @cypnk Credit where credit is due: Lotus Notes pioneered the "I can't merge your documents so here's a new copy of one of them with the attribute $CONFLICT set and done as a reply to the winner" algorithm.
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