it's amazing how disrespect can make my motivation go from 100 to 0 in 30 seconds

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@robey never been happier to be in a job where I am (and my team is, generally) valued. The last time anyone on my team was disrespected by management, the person quit with an 8am mic-dropping "fuck you. I will not be treated this way. I quit." Management spent the rest of the day trying to get the person to come back (they didn't).

@halfb8ked yeah i've decided to set an end-of-summer deadline on quitting, finishing up this project and making sure there's time to do a data dump, then i'm just going to take time off for a while... this isn't worth it

@robey I have 7-8 years until retirement. I just need to stay employed through the pandemic cuts and post-pandemic cuts, and two new enterprise software rollouts.

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