i dont think this would be news to anyone here but:

if house prices and rent increase at an absurd rate, then you *already have* high inflation, measured by how much less "basic shelter" a citizen can afford per dollar.

you would think this would be common sense, but i see headlines about the US gov hand-wringing over "what if inflation comes back?"

buddy, you have massive inflation already, you just haven't been looking in the right place.

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@robey I can't even. I moved out of California once b/c I thought the prices here were so clearly wrong. and of course they're even worse now.

@robey anyway, allowing more dense housing is one step which some cities stepped up to do. (not letting builders build, unless they also build dense housing is something else that could help. builders don't want to build cheaper housing unless incentivized, frequently.)
building more mass transit would be another good step.

@robey like, city planners know all this, especially for this area. local universities have been modeling the growth, and they're all "waaaaat are you doing build more now pls" for well over a decade that I've looked at numbers for. I'm assuming it goes back at least another decade; they have so much modeling data.
tl;dr: aaaaaaaaaaaa

@ischade i'm inordinately proud of SJ on this because they worked so hard to get bart and get it integrated with caltrain & HSR at a single downtown station, and they've been pushing for opportunity housing (automatic re-zoning to multi-unit near transit) over the screams of my neighbors

but despite this, we appear to still be losing population at a constant rate :(

@robey yeah, I was thinking about the city of SJ. they were anti-growth in the 90s, but they got over it. and I love all the BART stations they added.
yeah, no mercy for the NIMBY folks. please get a clue, you jerks.
the people I know who left the SJ area are probably outliers, so I can't cite their reasons, really. :/

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