this is a great party game for americans: "name canada's largest city... in fact, name any city in canada"

i think i can name at least 5 from memory, because i've actually been all the way up there... here's my list, in order of guessed population size:
- toronto
- vancouver
- montreal
- calgary
- medicine hat

from the picture, i think they're in toronto, because that tall spiky structure looks like the toronto equivalent of the sunsphere

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@robey lets start with having us name the provinces and territories of Canada.

I'll bet most of us can't name them all without a map.

@yakkoj i think i could name *almost* all of them, but i'm a geography nerd... being from the south, we had no need to know anything about canada other than "even further north than ohio" and "sometimes it snows there IN MARCH" :)

@robey @yakkoj back when I was touring for a living, the show I was on booked arenas in Minneapolis, Winnipeg, and Fargo in early March. We actually had to stop in Fargo, on our way to Winnipeg, because a blizzard shut down the border crossing. Because there are ALWAYS blizzards in March! That entire month we didn't see temps above freezing. Most of the time it wasn't above 0°f (-17.78°c).

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