coworker: remind me how you make this CLI tool skip the foo step? is it `--no-foo`?

me: it responds to `--help` so that should tell you

coworker: what other options does it take?

me: ...

me: (serenity now! serenity now!)

(i don't know why this kind of thing bothers me so much but it's very reliable)

@robey one of my coworkers runs around like a chicken with her head cut off asking if anyone has the calendar open.

It's Google Calendar; just open it yourself.

"I can't! I'm in the middle of something!"

@robey I always try to eschew this by writing up Helpful Docs for folks to use as an alternative to asking me when I’m in the middle of something.

coworker: I saw your Helpful Doc, but there’s a lot of words there. Would you mind reading it to me instead?

@Treycat yeah it's so maddening! "please use my computer for me"

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