new oscilloscope get! teasing it out on a 555 in astable mode

@robey i have a DS1052E and i've had it for like uh six years now? never let me down

@robey yeah it's been discontinued for a while, still a very nice scope and i'm glad i have it!

@robey better than the monochrome HP scopes we used in college lmao

@mdszy the ones i used in college were 50 pounds and still had CRTs in them!! 😓

@mdszy i have the youtube tab open for "the hack" to get 100Mhz so this is going to happennnnnnn

@robey oh yeah nowadays it's like all software that locks them down, kinda silly

@robey the 1054Z may be the next scope I get. I bought a DS1102E in 2013 and almost immediately regretted not getting a scope with 4 channels instead.

@yakkoj i can’t believe i waited so long to get one! i always thought of them as hella expensive...

@robey I just looked it up and the DS1054Z today costs less than what I paid for my DS1102E in 2013

I think the DS1054Z can still be "hacked" to unlock 100MHz bandwidth, but 50MHz is probably sufficient for me

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