i can tell that week 2 of shelter-in-place will be a lot harder than week 1 was

@ischade oh no, it's just the daily grind of isolation that's starting to get annoying... we're doing really good here, good neighbors, takeout still open, grocery stores starting to restock

@robey ok. suspected, wasn't sure. but peeps could still help out with that a little. virtual pub night? virtual board games?
glad you're doing well, tho.

@robey "WFH pro tip #1: try to keep a familiar schedule.
For example: I normally ride Caltrain for 45 minutes in the morning." - ntakayama

(obvs not knowing anything about what's going on, but trying to add some humor, here.)

@ischade lol!

i've wfh one day a week for years (for sanity) and it's really clear which of my coworkers are brand new to it, they have exactly this problem :) chatting me up at 9am and 8pm like i'm going to be on my work laptop all day! 😤

@robey :aaaaa: ...yeah, I can't help with that. my responses to this are mostly passive-aggressive which aren't the best. good luck? they should get clues soon?

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