@robey im extremely a fan of thick bold bitmap fonts so thank you for this. it looks *fantastic*

@robey @Skirmisher is there a bdf version? it's a bitmap font format suitable for unicode, which can then be used in X11 software.

@devurandom @Skirmisher that would be awesome! the PSF format has a unicode map in it, but the one converter tool i could find (psf2bdf) didn't honor it :(

i just found a spec for BDF, so maybe i can hack up something in my free time

@robey @Skirmisher fontforge is a really good bdf font editor.

when i make bitmap fonts, i usually make the bdf first and convert it to psf later using a bdf2psf tool instead. this means i can add all sorts of unicode characters while making it and then do encoding-specific versions when creating psfs.

@robey oh, here's some cyrillic characters for you. they fit into the unicode range from U+0400 to U+045F.

below them are some alternate latin characters which, imo, would look better than the ones already in the font.

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