one of the strangest linux behaviors, to me, is that files on the desktop must be sorted in alpha order along the left side. moving them is forbidden. dropping one in the trash causes the entire desktop to blink for a second as if it crashed.

it's really training me not to use the desktop for storing trash files (a bad habit that it's hard to break, tbh) but it just FEELS like it's buggy

@robey nautilus is a file manager, so maybe that's why it's enforcing alphabetical file order. it's part of the GNOME desktop. try "cat /etc/*-release" or "hostnamectl" in a terminal to get your OS name.

@d_armentrout haha yes i know my os name :) is this just a known nautilus bug?

@robey Nautilus isn't your desktop. GNOME, Unity, XFCE; something like that is your desktop window manager. nautilus is basically just a GUI for "ls -la"

@d_armentrout i just mean the way nautilus (or whichever file manager?) is handling the desktop folder display... it’s very crashy :(

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