every few months, i see a new article/thread patiently explaining how lisp syntax is actually the BEST syntax, and if you still don't think so, maybe you haven't considered it enough?

i sympathise with the urge to "help people understand that my favorite thing is the best of all things".

but! i think the orderly (monotonous) repetition of parens is a great example of something that affects each of us differently.

you'll never be able to explain away my feeling that it's ugly. it's just subjective!

@robey The people that write those articles must be writing parsers for a living...

@robey I'm pretty sure I've seen lisp variants that let you use (), [], or {} at your discretion to mix things up a bit, though I suspect the "purity of essence of S-expressions" people may not agree with such things. I, too, fall into that category of people who do not find LISP particularly beautiful or readable.

@swetland i think clojure used [ ] to mean vector, which really did make it look less ugly to me... i think my brain just loses focus when things look too self-similar

@robey just another float in the endless parade of mathematicians who confuse PL design for a math problem when it is in fact a human factors / HCI design problem...

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