someone posted a rant on why they hate golang, but their only other experience was with c++ and python, so it was like reading a boomer rant about why they hate bicycles: incomprehensible curmudgeoning.

golang is bad, but other people have explained why, much more clearly, about a decade ago. if you still primarily use c++, you're on the borderline of not having a valid opinion about coding anymore.

@robey do you have a link to a good "why golang is bad" argument? I've never written any, but have always been interested and thought it was a good replacement for C/C++ I'm certain situations.

@jwkicklighter oh gosh, it's been years, and it looks like i didn't bookmark any of the articles, sorry :(

while i was looking, tho, i found this page, which seems to be a guy collecting the various rants:

the 2 complaints that always resonate with me:

1. the authors wrote it for googlers, and they think googlers are below average coders.

2. the authors incorporated nothing we've learned about PL since 1980, probably because they haven't been paying attention to PL.

@robey oh interesting, especially that they think Googlers are below average.

@robey Looked into this repo a little. One thing I find interesting is that “has pointers” is a con from many of the sources. I’ve always thought that it was a pro, as sometimes you need the flexibility of manipulating memory in this way.

Perhaps I’m too novice at low-level systems programming, but I don’t know how you would get access like this without pointers or something similar.

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