understanding that i'm not going to use any piece of software named "the gimp": is there any decent image editor for linux? something like osx's acorn? just for combining/blending images or making memes...

@SilencingTrees @robey The name.

I use it in teaching because it's good software and FOSS, but I cringe every time I have to say its name. Half the time I say the full recursive acronym. If I could change its name I would in a heartbeat

I thought we'd all moved past that. Plus he's using it for recreational use it seems so I don't see the issue, but it's his call

@SilencingTrees @robey Hard to move past it in teaching... students don't know about FOSS, so good impressions matter.

@SilencingTrees if they haven't changed their name after 20 years, I have to assume they care more about being assholes than writing a good app :(

@robey @SilencingTrees you can always fork and rebrand it if you don’t like the name.

@robey Yeah would love to have alternatives tbh, if you hear of something good let me know

@bgcarlisle @robey krita

this has software has saved me (i do a lot of digital paintings and comics)

krita also recently implemented animation (woot!) (it has a lot of photoshop tools also btw, but the UI is defeintly bigger than PS)

@robey Inkscape is really great for lots of things and much better with vector stuff. I've used it for flyers, etc.

Yeah, it's a terrible acronym

@robey Krita works pretty well for image editing? Not really what it's meant for, but it has the tools for it.
It's much nicer to use than GIMP and is free, which is 80% of what I look for, at least.

@robey yeah "the gimp" is a ridiculous name.

Krita is quite nice to use, if you haven't already tried it. also if you're comfortable with the command-line, i've found Imagemagick / graphicsmagick to be quite powerful

@robey I think it may be a bit more painting-centric than editing-centric, but I've heard a lot of good things about Krita in the past year or two.

@robey there's Krita. it's geared more towards painting imo, but it's still got things like layers, adding text, and cropping.

@robey The year is 2034. After sustained community support, Ubuntu agrees to commit 500 ImageMagick wrapper scripts to v23 (codename Foamy).

Riots break out across the country as realization that sub-commands “pepeit” and “nazify” perform the same conversion.

@robey I often use Inkscape for that. Although it is a vector editor by nature, you can import pixel images, arrange them, add text on top, and export as PNG again.

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