what's the name of the pattern where a tool knows what you wanted to do, but would rather lecture you than do it?

like when python responds to `exit` by telling you to hit ^D

i actually remembered this as "python makes you type exit instead of ^D" but it's clearly been a long time since i used python :)

@robey `exit` isn't valid Python though. Sure it knows, but that's them throwing a nice error message as opposed to "SyntaxError".

@robey i've never heard of a name for this phenomenon, but its so pervasive in software design that someone should really coin a phrase for this
@robey was just thinking about this while doing the about "suggestion overloading" as a term to describe this.

It captures the two most annoying aspects of this: 1. the user gets a bunch of suggestion messages that they probably didn't want to see and 2. the user has to mentally 'overload' (in the operator overload / function overload / polymorphism sense) the action of exiting a program for this one special case.
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